The team ZA is moving!

The perpetual motion is us

We welcomed , a fews days ago, a new intern, Myriam.

The team growing enables us to move in new offices. We have the pleasure to tell you that now we have bigger offices than before, closer of historic center and near from Saint Paul Cathedrale.

“We do not use the whole office’s area, we have a few tens of square meters which are useless, but I expect it to be full very soon, I can tell you that thanks the emerging trend on the horizon” Ze Agency Funder told, Jennifer Troisfontaine.

This move did not disturb you?

“I can say we are always in sort of trend of evolution and improvement, and the staff thought moving is necessary, they needed to have they own space, bigger offices.”

How is the communication between you and ZE TEAM since the move?

“We are in an open-space (except me), I believe that a few word between a call, an e-mail or a booking is necessary for us.

I often go outside the office for rendezvous or meetings, but I am reachable by Ze Team. Even if I am in my office, they can always come, meet me, talk to me by e-mail, face to face or by chat online, and eventually when we lunch together.

We will see some pictures of us of our lunch or evening, you know after work, we have a life! I can tell for all of us, we are lucky to be in this team, we appreciate each other.”

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