“SOS Planet”, it’s worth the trip !

Climate change is one of the priority challenges which the Earth is confronted with. In the face of global warming, as for so many other problems, it is from the human spirit that the solutions have to come.

We thus have to place Humanity at the centre of the debate, a Humanity which is both a victim and the guilty party, a Humanity which can become a player within or even the master of its destiny.


  • Date : 04/09 2010 > 01/05/ 2011 Everyday From 10AM. to 19PM. Wednesday until 22PM
  • Suitable for the handicapped and three wheelchairs available at the reception on request (A valid ID is required)
  • Exposure time +/- 1h30

The exhibition route will include the four natural stages of the human spirit in its wish to conquer the world and to master knowledge. This is the initiative of humanity on the move, this will be the initiative of the citizen-visitor in action.

  1. Humanity observes: The first stage of the exhibition will highlight the beauty of our planet, such a jewel which has to be preserved. A return to its past through the phases of glaciation and of warming it experienced over 4,6 billion years will allow us to see that the current climate change is not comparable to the previous ones. Pictures and impressive graphics will show the speed of this warming for Humanity’s planet.
  2. Humanity becomes alarmed: This second part will be devoted to the current and future impacts of four main fields: water, ecosystems, food and health. Spectacular sets will symbolise the possible disasters in the long-term and will highlight the interactions of climate changes with other problems they accentuate.
  3. Humanity thinks: The third part will enable the mechanisms of climate change to be understood, such as the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect or the reflection of the sun’s rays. Emblematic objects will show the causes of global warming and its link with human activities i.e. the socio-economic development path taken by our industrialized societies, a new source of global injustices
  4. Humanity acts: The last stage of the exhibition will envisage solutions to reduce global warming and to adapt in the areas of energy, health, water, ecosystems, food and housing. This section will present the state of the art technologies focused on the climate and will evaluate the new behaviours to be adopted and above all will emphasize the necessity for governments to take structural measures.

An event you shouldn’t miss on any account!

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