The Frozen Yogurt: the new summer it in Brussels!

You don’t know what the frozen yogurts are?!? Then run to the capital to discover and taste this super light alternative to the classic icecream. You won’t be disappointed!

The FROZEN YOGURT will certainly be the favourite snack in Brussels this summer. At least, two great addresses in Brussels sell this healthy and original product.

If you want to visit a very cute place and still little known by tourists, go to the “Place de Londres” at Mellow. If you make a walk in the trendy “Chatelain”, make a stop “rue du Bailli” at The Yogurt Farm.

These two addresses have in common to be wonderful places and to offer very nice formulas. You can choose the size of your pot (small-medium-large) and one of more topping(s). There is something for every taste: fresh fruit, homemade sauce, candy, cookies, chocolates, …

It’s refreshing, it’s good, it’s healthy (especially if you don’t abuse of crapulous toppings!!!). We love it! 


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