What is your role in the Ze Agency’s community?

I am Jenifer’s right hand woman and the reference person for the tenants. Naturally emphatic and comprehensive, I carefully listen to tenants, identity their requests, meet their needs and desires.  I love finding the quarter and apartment that best matches their personality. As for a marriage bureau, I just want to them to live happily ever after in our accommodations! I do my best for their stay to be a unique experience: I’m available and ready to solve any of their problems, give them advices, good addresses to spend a good time in the city.

What do you like about Ze Agency?

Ze Agency is both a real estate and a tourism agency. As a little girl, I loved to play the travel agent for my family: I arranged what to visit, where to sleep and tried to satisfy everyone.  I was then a starter in coachsurfing -or letting travelers sleep on your couch for one night being also their tourist guide.  Ze Agency gives the opportunity for tenants to become citizens.  I appreciate this given opportunity to live a unique local experience, with the comfort of a well decorated and well located apartment

What do you love about Liege?

Not too small, not too big, I truly love my city! We have all the facilities at hand. We can walk from one quarter to another and admire its historical center, where I am grateful to live.  Indeed, I love this quarter for its terraces in the Market Place, various brand new boutiques showing the works of original designers, artists and craftsmen (Neuvice Street!!!).  Let’s not forget “La Batte”, a great outdoor market taking place on Sunday mornings, along the Meuse.

And for Brussels?

Brussels dreams, sings, dances and lives. I love to take a tea in the “Café de la Presse”, to bargain-hunt in the Brussels Vintage Market and to drink a beer “chez Madame Moustache” on the lovely Saint-Catherine Place. I also love to attend a concert in the Ancienne Belgique, knowing that what I want to do now will not be what I will get to do tomorrow: there are always more interesting things to do and see in the capital!