What is your role in Ze Agency’s community?

I founded Ze Agency after living a few years abroad. I wanted people to discover Belgium the way I and local citizens knew it. I realized that staying in an apartment is the perfect way to get used to a country, a neighborhood, and little local shops. It is the best way to feel at home! This is why, once back in 2009, I started Ze Agency.

I am now mainly in charge of the strategic aspect of the agency, taking care of the apartment portfolio. I regularly look for, visit and find new accommodations. I love to walk in new neighborhoods, unknown streets to “feel” the place.  When I get in touch with new tenants, it is very often the beginning of wonderful and lasting partnerships.

What do you like about Ze Agency?

What I particularly like about Ze Agency is its unique and human relationship I have with each member of the community.  The work environment is fantastic, authentic and very friendly. Once a week, we have breakfast together and talk about everything, from our little lives to the overall work. We want everyone to feel good and enjoy working in the agency.

We have an excellent relationship with our tenants.  Trust is everywhere: from their accommodations they happily entrusted to us to the reliable information they receive from us as market experts. We do our best to make their assets profitable. I’m quite sure they enjoy our services!

What do you love about Liege?

What I love about Liege is its convivial, caring, relax and festive side. Being “Liégeois” is a synonym for being a “party girl or boy”.

And for Brussels?

I love Brussels for its international and multicultural sides. Different languages can be heard during a day and you are certain to meet international people on the city capital! This aspect can be seen in the melting pot of affordable restaurants in the city. Least but not last, I enjoy our country’s peculiar yet friendly way of welcoming anyone visiting the capital!