How is a rental going?

In practice, how does a renting work from A to Z?

The renting of short term furnished apartments implies many little tasks to ensure that your apartment is rented a maximum of time during the year to good tenants.

To do so, we must:

  • make visible the apartment to the rest of the work
  • to stimulate the desire to rent it
  • to make lovely pictures
  • to write a good realistic and attractive description
  • To create a website
  • To identify different serious and successful plateforms
  • To post announcements
  • To answer questions from interested persons
  • by phone and
  • by email
  • To select tenants
  • to manage bookings
  • to update the calendars on different platforms where the accommodation is announced
  • To organize the arrival of the tenant
  • To guarantee to be present when he arrives
  • To prepare the accommodation
  • To welcome them
  • To do the check-in inventory
  • To be there when they leave
  • To do the check-out inventory
  • to do maintenance works
  • to clean the accommodation at the end of the stay or during the stay
  • To do the laundry
  • To solve issues
  • To check the payments of the rentings
  • To demand unpaid rentings
  • To call the plummer when the sink leaks or when the boiler breaks down
  • To withdraw the limestone of the staps
  • Repair the flush
  • .

    In short, an important amount of little things that we don’t necessarily envisage when we thing about short term furnished renting and that we don’t want (at all) to do.

    Don’t worry, Ze Agency can take care of everything! Yes, everything!

    We are used to work with owners living abroad or that have no time/desire/possibility to take care of all these details.

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    How is a rental going?
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