What is your role in Ze Agency’s community?

I am the « plume » of Ze Agency.

I write about what I like, love, hear about and discover. I also advice the tenants when it is worth tasting or doing something and I highly warn them, when it isn’t.

What do you like about Ze Agency?

What I really love about Ze Agency is its energizer side. The team is young, dynamic and Jennifer is open to good and innovating ideas.  Every member of the team is boosted to discover its talents, assets, and maximize them.  Ze Agency enables me to do what I truly love: look, discover, taste and finally, write. I love to feel free while writing, to give my point of view, to share my favorite places, useful information and plans.  And since I’m not the more humble person of the team, I enjoy seeing people happy, thankful and smiling after following my advice ?

What do you love about Liege?

Definitely, its cuisine! I love “sweet and salty” food, as for Liege’s meatballs (you find syrup and beer in the sauce) and I get crazy eating caramelized pearl sugar on Liege’s waffles.

And for Brussels?

I love Brussels for its many innovating tendencies: it would take many lives to be able to see and do everything the capital offers. I love the dynamism of some quarters or citizens… A few examples: savoir-faire trade shows, Repair Coffees, la Tricoterie (a cultural and artistic contact factory), etc. In Brussels, everything seems possible!