How about hosting a show from the comfort of your own home? You can do just that with ‘Prestez chez vous’!

Dancers, actors, comedians, musicians and even lecturers… You can already choose from about fifteen artists who are keen to reinvent themselves and perform for you, with more guaranteed to jump on board. The proposed shows are suitable for an audience of 20 to 40 people, and can be hosted in your garden or living room, depending on the measures in force.  And thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the Province of Liège, the fee is very affordable for the host. Tempted? 


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We’ve found the ultimate feel-good guide and Instagram account to get you all excited for the warmer days ahead. Get ready to admire and explore 21 (if not more) breath-taking landscapes… right here in Belgium!
Marie Vogh has made it her mission to rediscover her country in a new light and share her adventures with her followers.  ‘Un tour du monde en Belgique’ shows you 21 wonderful green hotspots, along with useful practical information.  As a stand-up paddle enthusiast and nature lover, this young lady enjoys her outings to the full and shares them on her blog and social media. Her mission? To have fun and pick up waste on the way. Truly inspirational!

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What a talent in our capital city – definitely a reason to be proud! Celsa Maxwell is a young artist who is yet to be discovered, but we’re sure she’ll be a star in no time! The real name of this 25-ear-old Brussels-born artist is Celsa Crabbe. She timidly appeared out of the blue and stole our hearts at once. For now, she has only three tracks, but they unveil all her sensitivity as a singer-songwriter, with a sweet promise of a very fine album to come.  Get ready to explore a lo-fi universe tinged with vintage inspirations, folk ballads with a lovely 60s and 70s vibe and a very British touch. It’s beautiful, it’s sweet, it’s just right: to be discovered straight away.    

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Unleash the real Belgian in you! We love the duo of ‘Belge Une Fois’ and their black humour – or should we say black, yellow and red humour?

Arthur and Natacha, a couple in life and in business, honour ‘Belgianness’ with brio.  In their concept store on rue Haute in Brussels, as well as in their e-shop, you will find a selection of products by Belgian designers, as well as their own brand and festive, local products that have earned them great success. Printed on T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, bodysuits… Belgium has never been cooler! The couple are also bloggers and we love to follow them on Instagram, where they also share great ‘days out’ ideas across Belgium… always with their signature sense of humour!

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Oh joy! Rue Saint-Rémy is delighted with the arrival of Gordita! Discover this joyful and colourful eatery, which boasts a beautiful interior and equally beautiful dishes, with a nod to faraway lands and a hint of sweetness.
Who is behind this inspiring project, you ask? A well-known Belgian blogger,  Alizée, aka Alia.rds. She has a community of 27,000 subscribers with whom she shares her passion for tasty nosh – ‘la graille’ as she calls it in French – and her stylish visuals. This passionate young lady launched her self-published recipe book (which we highly recommend!) and now she is fulfilling yet another dream, that of opening her own restaurant. Gordita has it all, not least a tasty world cuisine menu, vegetarian but with some options for meat lovers (yes, in that order!). It makes our mouth water to think of those gourmet brunches and summer evenings with cocktails in hand under the lanterns on the terrace. Gordita invites us to travel around the world through its delicious dishes, but also to commit to a better and cleaner future by focusing on eco-friendly, local and seasonal consumption, equality and solidarity. Definitely stop by this go-to hotspot starting from May 14th !  

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2 chocolate designers from Liège in the Salon du chocolat !

The “Salon du chocolat” will happen this weekend from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 at Palais des Congrès, in Brussels, where talented designers will present their amazing work. Indeed, Millésime Chocolat as well as Carré Noir, two chocolate factories located in Liège, designed some particular dresses, made of chocolate ! Yes, chocolate ! Chocolate makers and stylists joined their forces to conceive them, one of them being the exact same dress as Wonder Woman.

This is a new way to appreciate chocolate and we are sure that you will automatically melt !

No, Autumn is not sad in Belgium! :)



Here it is, automn ! 

Leaves are going to fall off and the weather to become cooler. But no way to feel depressed! Ze Team shares with you their favorite activities which will made your Belgian autumn nice !
If you don’t already know what you’ll do in Liège in October, don’t worry ! All people from Liège will certainly recommend you to go to the “Foire de Liège“. From  September 30th till November 12th, you can discover more than 170 attractions. Another “must see” in Liège ? If I you are in Liège on the 
7th of October, you shouldn’t miss the “Nuit des Coteaux” ! The whole historic center is enlightened with candles, and you’ll find lots of bars and music.

And what about Brussels? Children there are going to be the VIP of october ! They
will have fun with a pile of Lego (and you, too) during the Bricklive. And if you want to go back in time, Brussels proves you that it is possible, thanks to the playful and alive exhibition Dino World, you’ll know all the history of dinosaurs!


Summer is coming


You’re almost on Holidays (or already for the luckier), but you’re still thinking about your holiday’s destination. Ibiza, New-York City, Paris, Tokyo.. You’ve so much ideas, but did you once think to Brussels?
Belgium’s capital, Chocolate’s capitale, European Capitan, and cosmopolitan capital (you can hear 140 languages during your stay!) …
With all its advantages Brussels has still a reasonable size : so it’s ideal for short but intense holidays!

If you’re still hesitating, these 10 reasons for coming to Brussel will definitively make your decision.
And for your housing’s question, I must confess that the ZeTeam like the Bel Air apartment so much for its affordable price and its terrace (a must have for a good summer!). But you can watch our other apartments and make your own choice.
So see you soon in Brussels!

Ephemeral terraces in Brussels


What is better than chilling in Brussels with this sunny weather?

Coucou Brussel” has the answer: chill on Brussel’s terraces, with drinks and music!

Also on Facebook, “Coucou Brussel” indicates you the terraces to be this summer, and organises even some activities that everybody will enjoy. From jazz concerts to children games, everything is made in order to totally enjoy your summer in Brussels.

Seven sunny terraces (with deckchairs and snack bars) are ready to welcome you, your family or your friends. Whatever the music you like, you’ll find what you want among their many events.

Conviviality is the key word, be prepared!


Are you planning to stay a few months in Brussels ?


We can accommodate you ! You’ll have the choice ! The Brugmann Court is very chic, like its neighborhood! It is less the case of the small Huysmans studio, which is located in the area of ULB, thus perfect for students or teachers !

You need a more central location ? The Duplex Chocolat and Studio Macaron are located in the heart of the city, behind the Bourse. Both are very nice and convenient !

If you want to combine the quiet and convenient location with the comfort “feel like home”, we advise you the Nid de Bruxelles !

Contact us to check our availability and prices ! We’ll help you to prepare your stay in Brussels !


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