PROPERTY : A new loft in Ze agency family

Ze agency broadens its horizons with the rental of unfurnished properties, such as the loft. What is the loft? A new, spacious, modern and bright apartment. Its little touch of charm: an industrial loft-style brick wall and a large kitchen open to the living room. Feel free to arrange the loft according to your desire and your imagination. So what’s better than this great loft to feel home. You can even enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sun on its large terrace. Don’t waste any more time, the Loft is made for you, so don’t hesitate! 

Relooking for Le Bord De Meuse

After some paintings and the building of a separation between the bedroom and the living room, Le Bord De Meuse is ready to welcome you again ! This small relooking helps in modernizing the appartement. Come and enjoy this beautiful bright space with its nice view on the river !


We’re always looking for new properties to sell, so why not come on this adventure with us? Feel free to contact us for further information.


To work effectively and undisturbed? We have selected some accommodation that meets your needs perfectly. Have a look at the studio apartments  « Tango », « Cactus Vintage » or « Les dominicains » or the duplexes « la Goffe » or « Saint Rémy 3 ». Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We’re here for you!


Above all don’t say the word ‘diet’! Stéphanie advocates a positive and demystified vision of everyday health through food – simple gestures that will give you the physical and mental fitness that you need to accomplish everything you want! She shares her tips and good practices and gives you plenty of great inspiration for nutrition that will do you good, with less meat, sugar, fat, lactose and gluten but very (very!) pleasing to the eyes and stomach. 
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Coming back to vinyl is an ode to taking one’s time and experiencing with all five senses. Holding a piece of art in your hands, discovering its illustration and the secrets it hides, caressing its grooves with your fingertips, marvelling at an incredible quality of sound and spending a moment listening attentively – immersion in music is an experience in itself. Whether you want to uncover second-hand gems or support the local scene, Lost in Sound, on Rue Hors Château is our top destination. Fabrice is incredibly kind, his tips are always in good taste and he will always have a treasure for you to discover!


Her change in career gave rise to Kokko, her brand of leather bags. These bags are hand-made in her workshop in Liège, in ultra-limited editions or completely bespoke, from quality materials whose origin is traced. Kokko perfectly embodies slow fashion, taking a stance against mass consumption in large stores which produce (and throw away) at an alarming rate! Her work is ethical and aware, and respectful of the materials, the environment and people. We love and support her!  


Paloma l’Atelier arranges bouquets of wild and poetic fresh flowers (their speciality) and dried flowers. Their boutique is magnificent and sure to inspire you! You can choose one of the day’s creations or even sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription. In addition to being gentle and talented, Manon takes care with those small details that make a difference: bouquets can be ordered to avoid waste, the packaging is natural or recycled and delivery is by bike or on foot!

Photo ©Jehanne Moll

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