Shrimp croquettes

With or without parsley, with or without lemon, commercially or home-made, at the coast or far away inland, they are always sampled with pleasure.
If you buy them well in advance (24 hours), you can show off by preparing them yourself using this recipe: (here)!

Brussels : Come and discover Mini-Europe !

Located at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, Mini-Europe, very popular park, will allow you to have a tour of Europe in only a few hours.

From the Coliseum to the Berlin wall or Big Ben, you will enjoy walking through 300 models and sites perfectly made.

Enjoying Brussels single, with your family of friends,

Mini-Europe is a must see! If you come to visit, don’t forget to book a hotel in Brussels with Ze Agency!

Café de la Presse in Brussels

As ZE Team is located in the Avenue Louise area in Brussels, it obviously uses Café de la Presse for some coffee break or cupcake cappuccino lectures by international papers around and about.

This because we feel good in this mix of a New York coffee bar and beauty parlour/Library/Vide-Dressing (depending on the planned events) of a Granny and Press Canteen with the feel of the 30s.

On the other hand, granted, we are never safe from a stressed-out world or a nervous Partner in a bad mood.

You can rent the apartment Louise 1, Louise 2, Louise 3 and Bascule which are just around the corner, they are great aparthotel in brussels!

Info and contact :

The Coudenberg underground in Brussels!

Hidden since the 12th century Under the Brussels hill of Coudenberg, this ancient residence of Spanish Emperor Charles the Fifth invites you for games and discoveries !

Various theme visits to these underground vestiges will turn your kids into true archaeologists or real discoverers looking for the Golden Fleece. When you come to visit, you can rent a flat brussels in the center of Brussels city, near all touristic activities.

Info and réservations : here.

Virtual visits to the Théâtre de Liège


Inaugurated in September 2013, in the old structures of l’Emulation, the Théâtre de Liège still exudes the smell of fresh paint and floor polished.

So, just as with any Liège renovation, a new debate started between nostalgics and progressive “avant-gardistes”.

You can make up your own mind by virtually visiting the sites, available on Google Maps or by entering here.


You can also rent liege hotel or liege apartment next to the Théâtre de Liege renting the furnished apartment Clarisses 1, Clarisses 2, Clarisses 3, Clarisses 4, Clarisses 5, Clarisses 6 or Clarisses 7.

The Opera Royal : A deal between comfort and proximity

Appartement Opéra Royal Liège (25)

At the crossroad of the rue Saint-Adalbert and the rue de la Casquette in liege, where you will appreciate the atmosphere of this liege hotel thanks to its little balcony, the Opera Royal, is a splendid apartment of 80m² with two bedrooms .If you wish a stay in an Apartment Liege of quality, its comfort and decoration will appeal to your expectations. The Opera Royal is such a perfect deal between the proximity with the Liege Life, and the peacefulness like at home.

Chinese New Year

This January 31st, The Chinese celebrate their entry into the Year of the Horse
According to the Chinese astrology, the wooden horse put 2014 under the sign of freedom, creativity, and enpowerment !
If it is not too late, try to reserve a table at Shangaï, one of the best Chinese restaurant of Liège
You will find more informations below.


A new furnished apartment in Brussels : Paradisio

A new furnished apartment brussels : ParadisioIMG_6301

In the heart of Ixelles in brussels, this magnificent apartment Paradisio of 135m² will delight you with its warm decoration. With its two bedrooms and its two bathrooms, it’s ideal to feel like at home. Moreover, for the sunny days, you can profit of its long & stunning terrace. Do not hesitate anymore to take a look at its description, it is like an aparthotel brussels.

Ze Agency presents its new serviced appartment in Brussels !

Here is a new serviced apartment brussels This 90m² apartment can welcome 5 persons and is situated in Schaerbeek in brussels. You will enjoy the sunlight thanks to its position. In the “artists area”, you will be near the European Quarter (15 minutes walk) and close to the best parks in Brussels, so as the “Jardin du Roi”.
Big, luminous, and close to the best places, Emile Max is for you !

2014 WInter Sales

Since the beginning of the year, the winter sales are back in Belgium ! Your wallet has to be happy in this period, due to lots of discounts in every shops of Liège and Brussels.

In Liège, on the first day of the sales, we saw a huge success for the shop PRIMARK in the Mediacité, where people were waiting during hours to enter the shop ! In Brussels, don’t miss “ze” place to be, Avenue Louise. We have apartments just near by : The Abbaye de la Cambre studio, the Louise 1, The one bedroom furnished apartment Louise 2, The one bedroom apartment with terrace Louise 3, the 2 bedrooms furnished apartment Etangs d’Ixelles in Brussels. They are all short term rental brussels.

Winter clothes are really cheap in this unusual sweet weather, come and shop !


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