Brussels Urban BBQ

Located in Monts des Arts at  Brussels (Belgium), the event Brussels Urban BBQ take place from 22th august 2010 atBrussels.

Practical Information:
Brussels Urban BBQ – 22th august from noon – Monts des Arts – 10 euros

Brussels Urban BBQ” is the unique opportunity downtown to find itself around an immense table of host drawn up on the Mont des Arts. Between midday and 4pm you’ll have the occasion to taste for 10 euros of the dishes in the form of typed, cooked by five chiefs of reputation.

The Summer is the time of predilection to organize BBQ in Brussels, the milder temperatures are more propitious to playing « Robinson Crusoë » around a camp fire not like what you see in the show “Lost”. But, it’s not always easy to find a piece of land to set up your BBQ.

Renown Chefs

In front of their barbecue these “toqués” of the furnaces will cook in “live” to the sounds of the fountains of the Mount of Arts in Brussels. Convivial, family and very urban “Brussels Urban BBQ” awaits you, small and large, young people and elder, one day old inhabitant of Brussels or always to celebrate together and good mood, the pleasure of eating with complete freedom within an urban space transformed into green “dining room”.

From Midday long tables will be set up under the foliage of the Brussels Park for the delight of all the UrbanBBQ lovers. The fourth edition of “Brussels Urban BBQ” will close down when they run out of goods and at 4pm at the latest… First come first served!

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Flowercarpet on the Grand Place in Brussels

Located in the grand place of Brussels(Belgium), the carpetflower’s event takes place on the central square of Brussels.

Practical Information:
Open to the public on 13th, 14th and 15th August 2010, from 9 am to 11 pm. Town hall of Brussels: from the balcony, “panoramic” view of the carpet: 3 euros / free for children under 12.

You won’t believe your eyes. When you pass through one of the seven entrances into the Grand Place of Brussels, you will be presented with a brilliant spectacle. Stretching out over 2,000 m2, the floral display will positively glow with sparkling colours arranged in subtle designs. This monumental work, an original and ephemeral creation, requires months of design and preparation but has been put in place in just one day. A hundred expert craftsmen follow meticulous plans; each of the begonias and dahlias making up this exceptional tableau has its exact place, in complete harmony.

Of course, you can stroll all around this exceptional installation. During the day as well as by night, you will be aware of the subtle variations in coloured nuances, fragrances and atmosphere. Enthusiasts from around the world come to admire this marvel. Why not join them, chatting on the steps of the staircases leading to the balcony of the Hotel de Ville of Brussels? From there, every day from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm, you won?t believe your eyes. Your camera will record images that will remain fixed in your memory.

European presidence

This year, the Flower Carpet filling the Grand-Place in Brussels is a tribute to the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Belgium has succeeded Spain and precedes Hungary in holding the Presidency. Together, these three countries form a team Presidency, also known as the „Trio?. In order to provide more consistency and continuity, they have prepared a joint 18-month programme together.

Making the impossible

The actual making of the carpet in Brussels is based on a plan worked out in advance, consisting of several stages.
Everything starts, often a year in advance, with projects and scale models, illustrating a commissioned theme. Once the theme has been produced in representation and symbol, the number of flowers and color combinations calculated and the outlines finally drawn on the ground of the Grand-place of Brussels, then the work starts. The skilful, dedicated work of a hundred experienced gardeners and their enthusiasm enables them to put together this giant floral jigsaw in under four hours.

The day before, the spaces between the floral patterns will already have been filled with rolled turf. Did you know that the flowers are packed together one by one, 300 to every square meter of the ground (+/- 800.000 flowers!), so tightly (no soil is used at all) that they won’t be blown away by the first puff of wind, and create their own microclimate? In heat waves, the turf has to be watered to prevent it from shrinking, but if the weather is too wet, the grass can grow 4 to 5 centimeters in 3 days? The wonders of nature!

Always the same, yet different each time, no carpet is like any other, even if it is always essentially made up of 800,000 begonias (“tuberosa grandiflora”), one of the glories of Belgian horticultur.

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On the move – Short term furnished apartment in Liege



The apartment of 62m², On the move, is located in the historical centre of Liege. This apartment, decorated in a colonial style, offers your a stay as comfortable as possible during your business or leisure trip.
You will find a living room with fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom annex office and a bathroom with bath-top.
To make your stay even more fun, there is a selection of dvd’s and music. Moreover we have equipped the apartment with digital TV and an internet connection that you can use at any time.

You rather go out and visit the city center than staying at home ? Then this apartment is without doubt the perfect place to stay in. You are located nearby most historic places, shopsrestaurants and cafes. Upon arrival, we will foresee a delicious selection of Nespresso coffee and tea.

You can park your car in the underground parking space, a few minutes away from your apartment and this for an interesting price/week.

Royal Theatre for Opera in Liege

Located one street Dominicans, 4000 Liege, the Royal Opera of Wallonia is a true symbol of the city of Liege.

To choose a company that specializes in this specific area and have the best vision on site supervision, the City ofLiege has decided to launch two different markets. The first concerns the renovation and expansion of the Opera.

The second relates to the technical stage and set design. The overall budget for this project reaches € 26,900,000. To recall, the funding is as follows: 50% for the Walloon Region, 40% of the ERDF, and the remaining 10% is borne by the city of Liege.

After the designation of the building renovation is the installation company of machinery which was designated scenic December 30, 2009 by the Municipal College of Liege.

  • The various items of construction include the updating of the template of the stage house (it will be enhanced by 4 meters) and machinery to maximize the potential of scenography and theater to be brought up to standards of the greatest opera houses . With this technology upgrades, security infrastructure utilization stage will also be increased significantly. The orchestra pit and the front stage will be redesigned to improve the sound quality at all levels of the room. The research focuses also on spectator comfort (seat ventilation of the room, new reception areas, etc. …), the quality of lighting, replacement of roofs and windows and the restoration of facades . The “new” Opera in Liege will also incorporate a rehearsal room the size of the plateau, staff offices and upgraded dressing rooms for the reception of artists. After these extensive renovations, the city of Liege will have a jewel of international opera, able to seduce even the most demanding musicomanes.
  • Construction of the Royal Opera of Wallonia is divided into two phases: the renewal of equipment related to the stage and then the restoration of the building by the general contractor. This splitting procedure is made necessary for obvious reasons of security as well as the technical impossibility to coexist in the same place of business activities so diverse.

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Midi Fair in Brussels: 1,7 km of attractions

The fair stands along the Boulevard du Midi in Brussels(Belgium), close to the Midi train station. There are lots of old and new attractions present.

New attractions

The fair has 3 new attractions in 2010: the XXL, the Shake Over and the Magic. The XXL is 50 meters in height and flies around at a speed of 100 km/h.

The Stratosphere is back at the Midi Fair in Brussels . With a height of 60 metres it is really a monster. The Stratosphere spins people around at a dazzling speed and height. The beautiful lights make it even more impressive during the night. The attraction is both for young and old.

Reductions on 4, 21 and 22 August

The Midi Fair in Brussels organises special reduction days every year. This year people will get reductions on Wednesday 4, Saturday 21 August and Sunday 22 August. These discounts amount even to 40% of the normal price. Other reductions are possible via the website Just print the coupons and bring them to the fair for a discount.

Parking lot with 500 spaces

500 parking spaces will be available for the visitors of the Midi Fair in Brussels at the parking Porte de Hal. Visitors can park their car there for only 3 euro, from 3 pm. The rate is valid 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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This summer, visit the royal palace in Brussels!

This summer, visit the royal palace in Brussels!

Located on the square of the palace in Brussels(Belgian), opposite the Palace of the Nation, on the other end of the Royal Park, Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful official buildings in Brussels.

Practical Information:
Open from July 26 to September 5, 2010 – Every day except Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Free Entrance

Belgian King carries his prerogatives as Head of state: he gives his audiences and that it address matters of state. The Palace also includes the ceremonial rooms where big events are organized, and the apartments available to heads of state on official visits.

To see when you visit the Royal Palace ofBrussels :

Throne Room

Built in the reign of King Leopold II, this room contains bas-reliefs by Auguste Rodin. These represent the eight economic activities which, with one exception, symbolize the provinces of Belgium. The exception is “Brabant” where the Palace is situated. The Scheldt and the Meuse, symbols of Flanders and Wallonia respectively, were carved by Thomas Vinçotte and embellish the top of the doors. Oak and exotic wood parquet, as well as bronze and gilded chandeliers give the prestigious Throne Room an imposing appearance.

The Grand Staircase

This majestic feature, with its imposing proportions, was designed by Alphonse Balat for King Leopold II. The pale walls and the stone columns, the white marble of the enormous staircase, the green marble of the banister, the gilding, the mirrors, the picture windows and the marble Minerva all contribute to the overall impression of harmony.

Three contemporary works of art

On the initiative of Her Majesty the Queen and through the good offices of the government’s building agency “Régie des Bâtiments – Regie der Gebouwen”, three contemporary works of art were installed in the Royal Palace of Brussels in October 2002.

  • « Heaven of Delight » by Jan Fabre
  • Série monochrome by Marthe Wéry
  • “Les Fleurs du Palais Royal” by Patrick Corillon

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Bruxelles - Palais royal de nuit


Ze Agency – Finalist of Grand Prix Wallon of Entrepreneurship (GPWE)

Ze Agency – Entrepreneur starter – Grand prix wallon of Entrepreneurship

The Grand Prix Walloon of Entrepreneurship – Edition 2010, by the Agency for Economic Stimulation through the Marshall Plan 2.vert, recently rewarded .Ze Agency by selecting them in one of twelve finalists.

Placed under the patronage of Jean-Claude Marcourt, Vice-President of the Walloon Government, Minister of Economy, Trade, SMEs and New Technologies, the Grand Prix Wallon of Entrepreneurship will designate four Walloonentrepreneurs of the 2010 at a gala evening on September 15 next.

Ze Agency participates in this Grand Prix in the category : Entrepreneur “starter”. The entrepreneur “starter” set up his company in a traditional or innovative with a desire to grow rapidly, to hire staff. Ambitious is an adjective that sticks positively to this entrepreneur. The registered contractor’s approach in a project that goes beyond the creation of his own job and seeks to differentiate itself in its sector.

This third edition of the Grand Prix Wallon of Entrepreneurship continues to highlight the dynamism of Wallonia in valuing many exmple success of its economy. For the whole Ze Agency team, this distinction is both a recognition of the quality of his work, and encouragement to develop its business.


Brussels Beach 2010

Brussels Beach is the holiday resort of Brussels in summer. A real urban beach is installed along the Canal of Brussels. For this edition of 2010, lots of events will take place: culture, sports, a junior zone, courses, concerts,… The access is free via the Square Sainctelette

Novelties for 2010

For this 2010 edition, there will be some novelties:

  • a prolonged opening of 2 weeks
  • free Wi-Fi connection at the Quai de la Voirie
  • an Urban Apéritif on Friday 30 July
  • a beach perfume, close to the smell of a hot summer
  • every Thursday, in the evening, courses of Zumba, a popular fitness program


Bruxelles - SportThe ‘House of Sports’ works on the sports schedule of Brussels Beach. Its role? Organizing the sports zones and the occupation of grounds. In this way you can discover new sports on the beach. This year:

  • beach soccer
  • beach volleyball
  • flag football
  • rugbeach
  • ultimate frisbee
  • petanque

Rent of a sports terrain: 2 euro per person per hour.

Music, concerts, culture

500 artists will sing, dance, swing,… at Brussels Beach 2010. The visitors can discover all sorts of music:

  • latino rockBruxelles - Culture
  • Brazilian samba
  • gipsy jazz
  • Belgian pop
  • Peruvian music
  • African percussions
  • reggae
  • hip-hop battles
  • flamenco

Are you looking for an accomodation in Brussels for this short term so as to enjoy the Brussels life and attend to these events? Have a look to our list of furnished apartment in Brussels. You will find below Ze Agency apartments which are located in Brussels:

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