tarteaurizSiteA rice pudding tart, a thermos full of coffee, Grandma next to me and Grandpa in front of his telly.

This is the classic Sunday afternoon scene in Belgium.  And when there’s a light early autumn rain, it’s even better…As usual, there are as many recipes as there are Belgian families, but if you want to dive into Wallonian gastronomy, make your own pastry dough and rice pudding with this great “Tarte Au Riz” recipe !


rbllThe rent the dress concept is finally here in Liège!

We already told you about COUCOU and Tale Me in Brussels, and now, it’s possible to rent dresses and accessories in Liège (and we’re so there). RBLL is a bit like a big sister who’s willing to let you borrow beautiful dresses at any time or let you drop off your “too small” beauties and other choice pieces, jealously guarded in our own wardrobe.  You can find dresses in all styles and sizes, but most importantly, a great deal so that you can be ♪La plus belle pour aller danser♫ without breaking the bank (€15 to 40 depending on the location) and worry-free (dry-cleaning in included in the rental price!) 😉

No website available yet, but here is its Facebook page.


Modern_fish_and_chips_(8368723726)Their Fish & Chips are the best. Were not being objective but we dont care: right now, we’re letting our stomach do the talking.

It’s what we said as we were licking our fingers sitting outside their terrace in Brussels, and again as we were queuing in front of their food truck during festival season. Their fish is fresh, tender and perfect…Their fries are crispy, their sauces amazing…Put it all together and you have that happy feeling you get when you know you made a great choice for lunch.  Hurry over there (this way), and no need to thank us! But if you want, you can thank us for the contest we’ll be publishing this month on our Facebook page!

WITH FAMILY (or with friends): FLY IN

FlyInJenniferA parachute jump with no parachute, no plane and no (fear of) falling!

We’re talking about the largest free fall simulator in the world, located at Bierset Airport.  It’s also the best gift ever for thrill seekers who love unusual activities. Especially since everyone can participate: the location is entirely surrounded in glass walls and visible from a bar/restaurant so that you can watch up close as your adrenaline-loving friends experience the gift you gave them! The experience is open to all, at all levels, groups, couples and even children, who are assigned specific supervisory staff.

Info, booking and gift certificates:


MIMAsiteA Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art is exhibiting the 2000 decade in Molenbeek!

The old Belle-Vue brasseries have been renovated into a one-of-a-kind museum: a museum about “the here and now”.  Showcasing modern art and the culture of generation 2.0 in colour, music and light, over 1000 m2 of temporary or permanent exhibits, concerts and workshops.

Details and useful info:


MarcelloA travelling shoeshiner, just like in the old days!

A former journalist, Marcello traded in his microphone for a brush, some shoe polish, a red bow tie, suspenders and a tricycle.   With a passion for leather and those who wear it, the few minutes of luxury and well-being he offers on the public square or for special events, to individuals or businesses, are re-polishing the image of this “odd job”, which we had almost forgotten about because of the little impersonal brushes we’re accustomed to using in hotel hallways.  You can contact him on his website or  Facebook page.


Theatre-royal-de-liege-de-nuitAt the time of this writing, four apartments are available two steps away from the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, in Liège.

So here are some activities to plan during your little cultural and musical night out: ; a reason to join in on the debate on whether the renovation of the building is a success or not (it’s supposed to be architecturally splendid but the Pen writing these lines does not find it so beautiful, it looks like someone forgot to remove scaffolding from the facade); and finally, 4 possible ways to spend the night in a magnificent studio for two (on the 3d floor or on the 4d floor of a building with an elevator) or in a tastefully decorated apartment (Opéra Royal or View over the Opéra)!


Why do Belgians eat snails?

Because they don’t like fast food.

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