A good old Stoemp to warm you up! 
Belle Ginette
With carrots, leeks, brussel sprouts or other typical belgian vegetables, watered down with the cooking juices from the sausages that accompany it, this mashed potato speciality is an important part of brusselian family cooking. The Stoemp is so typical that it is becoming fashionable and can be seen more and more on the menu of restaurants in the capital.
On that note, if you want to taste this speciality but don’t feel like cooking it yourself, a ‘Stoemp Restaurant’ has just opened in Brussels: “Madame Chapeau“. Otherwise, you can follow the recepie in the image on Belle Ginette’s, our friend, blog. It’s her “signature dish” !


A work of art on Plexiglas for a personalised present at a great price!
It’s an art gallery and workshop situated in Neuvice in Liège where you can find your inner artist in just a few hours (tested and approved by Sophie and I)but also an inspiring place to find THE ideal present. In order to create an artistic masterpiece, everyone has their own method: some just go with impulse and let their creative juices flow, others take their time to carefully pick the drawing or the phrase on the Pexiglas that has a sentimental value for the person they want to suprise or spoil with gifts. And for those who can’t decide what design to pick, you can buy a gift voucher and let them come and create their own present themselves!


Innovative, tasty and freshly made dishes to take away! 

Make the most of Brussels and explore it in its entirety at the Marché Noir. We have already cracked for their little irresistible dishes three times, and we are already looking forward to our fourth visit!
On a daily basis, Jérome and Martin propose a vegeterian and a carnivore dish to die for, packed with all sorts of truly good products and fresh vegetables that we had all almost forgot about. You can take the dishes away with you (hide them under your jacket, you are at the ‘Black Market’ after all) but you can also eat in if there are any seats (although I wouldn’t bank on it…)or they even do a home delivery, by bike, if your staying inside the 4KM Saint-Gilles quater.

AS A FAMILY (or with friends): LA TRICOTERIE

In the same quater as the Marché Noir, the ‘Tricoterie‘ (meaning ‘knitting factory’) lives up to its name as it is a superb place to weave social links! 

Here, the ‘Knitters’ are artists, assocations or societies, all of whom are lovers of the brunches, the creative workshops, the small and big events, and the concerts or shows that spontaneously appear at the factory. You have to regularly consult the calendar to see what’s on aside from the recurring events such as the sundany morning brunch. As for us, well we will be going to the christmas market organised by 20 designers on the 20th of December.


100 magical and belgian addresses (the name of the book, meaning ‘Magical Belgium’, is pretty adapted)! 

It’s everything we love: exploring a country, a city or even a street whilst avoiding the so called ‘unavoidable’ tourist hot spots. In this book, every adress leads to a unique and out of the ordinary experience: whether it’s sleeping in a bubble or a shack, or eating in a horse-drawn carriage, a tram or even in the air, etc…The book is for sale on the internet or in some trendy, very belgian shops such as Wattitude in Liège or Filigranes in Brussels, but you can also win it (as it’s christmas and we’re nice)by participating in our Facebook Competition!


A special “Creative Culture and Lifestyle Magazine” in Liège, Wallonie, Belgium and elsewhere! 

We like the impertinence of the editoral, the level and the choice of the content, we like to skim through it and feel as though we are in several Art Galleries with just a few flicks of the thumb and the index finger… But we especially like the fact that it presents Liège in the same rank as Paris , San Francisco, London and other current cultural ‘places to go’. So, obviously, TALK is flattering for us from Liége, and we have been reading it for free since it’s first publication(and every 3 months after that)in all the trendy places in the city 😉


Three new apartments in Liège and two in Brussels that are so new you can still smell the paint! 
In Liège, just a stones throw from the magnificent Guillemins station, you will find the Fragnée, and a few minutes down the road towards the Vennes quater, the Volta D3. Slap bang in the city-center , the Jack51 is our latest, and we have a soft spot for its artistic bricks. In Brussels, a new cosy studio, the Flandria, is available next to the historical Place Sainte-Catherine, just beside the big wheel at the christmas market in Brussels. Further from the city-center, in Uccle, the magnificent Bel Air is a breath of fresh air thanks to its terrace and its garden (yes, yes an actual garden in the center of the capital…)!


“Il n’a pas toutes ses frites dans le même sachet!” = “He doesn’t have his chips in the same cone”

He’s got a screw loose. He’s a bit stupid, simple-minded, indeed crazy 😉

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