Brussels : Come and discover Mini-Europe !

Located at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, Mini-Europe, very popular park, will allow you to have a tour of Europe in only a few hours.

From the Coliseum to the Berlin wall or Big Ben, you will enjoy walking through 300 models and sites perfectly made.

Enjoying Brussels single, with your family of friends,

Mini-Europe is a must see! If you come to visit, don’t forget to book a hotel in Brussels with Ze Agency!

The photographic festival of Liege

The photography festival of Liege occurs from March 15th to May 25th. 12 expositions are situated in the center of the city of Liege, and based on the photography and the visual arts. The theme of this year is “images and beliefs”. One of the main exposition is the one called “Idols”, which traces thanks to the photography, every form of democracy and dictatorship that our era used to know. You will also assist to the first presentation in the world of Robert Boyd’s project, based on the falls of the regimes and emblematic leaders. You great opportunity to find a liege hotel for the week-end!

Carnival in Liège !

The “Carnival of the North” in Saint Léonard Area, also called the “potatoes Carnival” is a typical event : the colorful cortege, very folk, will scroll all the day in Saint-Léonard in Liege. It’s a true opportunity  to discover one of the oldest neighborhood from Liege, and to profit of this spring time which will last all the week end long. The night will start with a huge fire, and it will smoothly animate several parties which will last until dawn. You can book liege hotel in this area.

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