Today, the team welcomes ZE Alice, our new intern in e-business

Alice, 21 years young Poitevine integrates Ze Agency for over 3 months . In context of her International Business Studies, Alice chose to leave the region of Poitou-Charentes in France to fulfill her internship in the beautiful city of Liege.

Alice is passionate … after a science graduate and a BA in Foreign Languages: English / German), she joined a Masters in International Business Negotiator Trilingual Poitiers in 2010.During her second year of study, she moved to Germany two semesters to explore this country that is becoming increasingly important in international business and especially Europe (1st exporter in Europe). In 2010, she decided to integrate a small company in Berlin, Germany where she spent 3 months. 3 months, exploring deeper the world of business. Here’s a few words to describe her mission in Germany “: I worked on setting up marketing efforts, I have written several articles for the blog of the company, I participated in the management of internal website Company … ” Outside of school, Alice is a great pastry and adores music.

You will have the opportunity to hear a new voice on the phone every day. Alice will gladly answer your inquiries and arrange to share our apartment in language that mastery: German.

Besides Alice gave us a selection of his favorite apartments:


Zen Bruxelles

Studio 31

ZE Agency wishes her continued success in the business!

Alice Welcome !


Today, the team welcomes ZE Pierre, our new intern at e-business

Pierre, a young 22 year old Parisian integrates Ze Agency for four months. It’s part of his business studies, Pierre has chosen to join Ze Agency in Liege.

Pierre, after two years of Faculty of Economics and Management, joined the ISC ParisE-business specialty in M2. Previously, Pierre has worked within the recruitment division of Crossroads for employment “, and also worked with a director to promote Descourtis films. As part of his studies, Pierre must complete an internship and he found the internship with Ze Agency: “The diversity of missions and the dynamism of the team are what made me push the door Ze Agency”. Pierre loves marketing, and especially web marketing. His motto: “Learning to constantly create and improve. “

Besides his studies, Pierre is passionate about music, he plays guitar and was part of several groups. He also enjoys many movies.

ZE Agency wishes him continued success in the business!

Pierre Welcome !

Today, the team welcomes Benoît ZE, our new intern at e-business

Today, the team welcomes Benedict ZE, our new intern at e-business

Benoît, 23 years young Parisian integrates Ze Agency for four months. It’s part of his business studies, that Benoît has chosen to join Ze Agency in Liege.

Benoît, after his A level in science and a diploma “Technique de commercialisation”;, joined ISC ParisE-business specialty in second year. Benoît previously worked within a SME (Small-Medium Company) in France in 2009. He also created his own e-commerce site; our new recruit has already built an experience in this sector. In these studies, Benoît must complete an internship and he found the internship with Ze Agency: “The diversity of missions and consistency with my career led me to join you. ” His motto: “Learn! Be part of new things. “

Outside of her studies, Benoît is a inveterate biker, he likes to walk and enjoy what Mother Nature offers to the world.

Both apartments preferred by Benoît are the Flagey Duplex and the Tilff

ZE Agency wishes him continued success in business!

Benoît Welcome !


Open Doors closed!

For a month, Ze Agency used to inform you about the “Open Doors“, which happened within Liege and Brussels on the 10th and 11th of May..

Ze Team is glad to tell their satisfaction about those days. Indeed, the Open Doors Days were a real success. We are delighted to see that our concept is always so interesting since the venture. .

Many of ours collaborators and future collaborators were present at the event. Immersed in a warm and professional atmosphere, the guests noted the close relationship between them and the Ze Agency’s Funder. Jennifer Troisfontaine shared a few anecdotes with her collaborators.

To conclude, enthusiasm have been felt by every person there. On behalf of Ze Team, we thank you for two days!


Liege on the roll!

Discovery made at the publication of the Michelin Green Guide in the begining of April!

Great surprise, the site of the Coteaux de la Citadelle, Liege, gets a third star and Liege compete Brugges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

It is true that in Wallonia, tourism did not beat her in full. However, estimates and expectations we suggest that Liege exceed the number of room nights sold in most tourist cities in Belgium.

This topic, more than interesting for tourism professionals, has been approached by the famous newspaper lesoir. Indeed, Ze Agency made an appearance on the last lines of this article online here. LeSoir informs you of the Open Day being held in Cork on May 10, at: St. Paul Place, 4000 Liège.

Lesoir as described, you can experience the innovative concept of this company, and the original service Ze Agency.

Practical informations:

Opens Doors

  • 10th of May
  • 1 place Saint-Paul, 4000 Liège
  • 32 474 69 57 38 –
  • Contact Jennifer Troisfontaine, Manager, Ze Agency
  • 32 474 69 57 38 –
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