Enjoy the “Nuit Blanche” in Brussels !

Nuit Blanche is opening the City of Brussels up to the world of the night on Saturday, 02 October 2010, from dusk till dawn! A night for getting together, for sharing the unusualand for appreciating artistic creation in a cordial, festive atmosphere, favourable for discovery and astonishment…

  • Where : various places in Brussels Period(s) :
  • 02/10/2010 Saturday-Sunday
  • Language of the event: NL FR EN

In the night from Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 October 2010 in the centre of Brussels.

Nuit Blanche is a night (7 pm – 4 am) where people can come together, a night where unusual and contemporary creativity come together in a pleasant and festive atmosphere. Nuit Blanche will moreover be part of the Belgian presidency of the EU.

Schedule and route

This year, the route includes the Rue Antoine Dansaert (pedestrian) as far as the rue Léon Lepage and then along various Quais: à la Chaux, au Foin, au Bois à Brûler, aux Pierres de Taille, du Commerce,… to the place Sainctelette. For the first time, themed evenings will be held in the National Theatre (Boulevard Jacqmain), in Le Fuse (Place du Jeu de Balle) and at Madame Moustache (Vismet). The complete schedule of exhibitions, concerts, films and interactive events can be found on the website of Nuit Blanche.

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Hélène : welcome to Ze Agency !

 Today, ZE Agency welcomes Hélène, our new Internal Sales E-business.

Hélène’s home town is Liège and she studied at HEC. She chose a specialization in Finance and Control and graduated with the highest honors in June 2010. She joined ZE Agency as Internal Sales E-business and will eventually take over all of the Operational Management of the Agency.

Hélène’s favourite ZE apartments are BrusselsIxelles 1 and the Cathedral. The Agency is excited about her multi-lingual skills, her dynamism, her good humor and organization.

Hélène, Welcome!

Jeannette : welcome to Ze Agency !

This month, we would like to welcome Jeannette, our new intern who is going to manage the bookings for ZE Agency.

Jeannette is a student in management at HEC in Liege. With her multi lingual skills and her charming personality, we are delighted to have her among our young and dynamic team. As part of her internship, Jeannette will handle the bookings of furnished apartments in Liege and Brussels, she will also contribute to the smooth functioning of the company.

Jeannette’s favourite ZE apartments are the BotaniqueStudio Guillemins Arrière and the Dansaert 4.

Maybe you will have the opportunity to meet her on the phone next time you contact ZE Agency. Don’t worry, Jeannette isn’t a cat! She doesn’t want to appear on picture, so it’s the opportunity to introduce you our mascot, Buddy!


Noémie : welcome to Ze Agency !

 Today, ZE Agency welcomes Noémie, our new intern in E-Business.

Noémie is French and is currently in 3rd grade of the School of Management Leonard de Vinci in Paris La Défense. As part of her studies, she joined ZE Agency for a period of four months. Every morning, Noémie checks statistics on Google Analytics to assure good performance for the website ZEAgency.com. While at the Agency, Noémie will write and publish all the news related to short-term furnished apartments in Liege and Brussels.

Noémie’s favourite ZE apartments are Le Botaniquethe Cathedral and the Brugmann Court. Noémie brings her jovial and open personality and we look forward to her perfectionist and efficient nature.

Noémie, Welcome!

Come and take part in “The Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle”

For the last 17 years, On the first Saturday in October, a short stroll away from the Place Saint-Lambert, at the heart of the oldest quarters of the city, Liège by night, on the slopes… For one enchanting evening Liège reveals itself as you have never seen it before. During the Nocturne, backstreets, courtyards, steps, terraces, pathways, fields and orchards are accessible for all to see. Subtle lighting, music, entertainment and an atmosphere of celebration await at every turn.

Programme in the evening…

  • From 8pm to 11pm: walks, displays of light, music, free access to the entire site.
  • 11.30pm: fireworks display in Parc Saint-Léonard

With their 60 monuments, 5 listed sites, and 28 ha of well preserved green spaces, the Coteaux de la Citadelle, the slopes of the citadel, are a unique reminder of the ancient landscape of Liège. On a mild October evening, a unique opportunity to wander and discover these little known walks softly lit up by over 15,000 candles and other lights. Musical and theatrical events take place throughout the evening, and many places open their doors to the rest of the world.

Every year an increasing number of heritage lovers, curious visitors, and people looking for that very special atmosphere, discover the Nocturne’s magic. Whether a loyal nocturne visitor or newly attracted to the concept, this is a chance for everyone to enter a place of magic and surprises, a backstage to the city of Liège. Through the backstreets and the hanging gardens, come and hear Liège’s heart beat.

For walkers, there are five walks along the Coteaux:

  1. Les Terrasses des Minimes et des Chevaliers Teutoniques (The Minimes Terraces and the Teutonic Knights): stone steps, forest paths, grassy terraces – 45 min. Start: Rue du Palais, 58.
  2. Volière – Favechamps: paved streets and paths – 45 min. Start: Ferme de la Vache: Rue Pierreuse, 113 or Rue Volière, next to the Chapelle Saint-Roch.
  3. Les boulevards de la Citadelle (the boulevards of the Citadel): road or paved streets, paved path through the Bois des Carmélites. Varied route – 1h30. Start: Escaliers du Pérî (Pêri Steps) or Bois des Carmélites.
  4. Le Sentier des Moutons (the Sheeps’ Path): now opened to the public. One-way. Adventure route, along a narrow ascending path of 0,5 km. Requires a good pair of walking shoes. A torch is also recommended – 1h. Start: Collège Saint-Barthélemy, in Hors-Château, 31.
  5. Les Coteaux hors les murs (the Slopes outside the walls): New paths through woods on the Vivegnis slopes – roughly 1h. Start: Top of the Bois des Carmélites or Rue du Baneux.

The Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle, it’s worth the trip !

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Don’t miss “the Nocturnes of Brussel’s museums”!


  1. Where: Various museums in Brussels
  2. Price and reduction: 2.50€ and 1€ under 25 years

Some museums are free From 23 September to 16 December 2010, every Thursday night between 5 pm and 10 pm, in various Brussels museums. The ‘Brussels Museums Late-night Openings’ have become a classical. The event will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2010. This year again, almost 50 museums will participate. Every Thursday between 5 and 10 pm around six museums will offer guided tours, workshops, masterpieces trails, opportunities to meet the curator, discoveries behind the scenes, demonstrations, lectures…. It’s the ideal opportunity to discover the Brussels Museums in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nocturne Museum of the City of Brussels, 30 September 2010 and 09 December 2010 Guided tour ‘Masterpieces’ from the museum: altarpieces, a model of the city of Brussels and tapestries (tour in English at 7:15 pm).

Nocturne Museum of Costume and Lace, 30 September 2010 and 09 December 2010 Guided tour at the exhibition Sixties! Liberating colors. The Sixties are synonymous with the kind of unprecedented freedom symbolised particularly by the fashion of the day. Follow the guide and find yourself back in those heady days when women won the right to wear trousers for any occasion, while the mini skirt revealed knees and broke with propriety (tour in English at 8:30 pm).

Nocturne Coudenberg – Former Palace of Brussels A nighttime exploration of the Coudenberg, the Former Palace of Brussels. It is an unusual walk through the remnants and corridors under the Place Royale. With a flashlight as guide.


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Join us on the 25th of September for the “Festival des Découvertes” in Liège!

Join us on the 25th of September at 16:00 at the “Chapiteau des miroirs” on Tivoli space!

Organized by “l’Echevinat de la jeunesse de la ville de Liège” and within the framework of “the celebration of the French community” , the “Festival des Découvertes” is a music festival featuring young artists coming from all over Belgium.This night will end with a fabulous DJ set and his name is a surprise … This event is entirely free so it could be a good opportunity to visit Liège, this so charming town, during a week-end.

    • Join us and have fun around Yew, Showstar, The Writers,…!
    • Discover Cheesy Cliché, Plan C, The Kerbcrawlers,…!
    • Take the floor and move on Liègiteam, Zazamoney, Not so many DJ’s,…!

Looking for an apartment in Liège?Are you looking for an accommodation in Liège so as to take part in this event and to appreciate the attractions of this town? Have a look to our list of furnished apartments in Liège. You will find below Ze Agency apartments wich are located in Liège:

Slow Food Meeting

Chefs, independent food and drink producers, local shops owners, gardeners, both professionals and amateurs, offer special menus promoting – good, clean and fair – food and share their experience, passion and know-how.

Brussels’ chefs offer a set price Slow Food menu based on local and seasonal ingredients that taste good, are good for the body and the soul, enhance biodiversity and local know-how and support local producers who use sustainable methods and pay fair wages to their workers. Moreover, chefs commit to develop specific actions aiming at developing more conviviality in their restaurants.

Don’t miss all the other activities as bio gardening lesson, sale of Brussels’ honey and the huge picnic in Brussels’ Park.

Sunday 26th September 2010 in the Park of Brussels from midday to 4pm. The picnic will take place in the part of the park situated Rue Royale, near the children’s playground. The entrance free is a dish or a drink you bring and share with the other participants. All is done to make it a moment of urban conviviality and international exchange.

Looking for an apartment in Brussels?

Are you looking for an accomodation in Brussels so as to take part in the Slow food meeting and to enjoy the charms of Brussels? Have a look to our list of furnished apartments in Brussels. You will find below Ze Agency apartments which are located in Brussels:

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