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PIED À TERRE: The new grocery store offering local and seasonal products!

You’re not dreaming, a new grocery store has opened in the city centre!

You will now be able to find many local and seasonal products from organic or sustainable agriculture, agroforestry.
Vegetables, fruits, breads, dairy products, jams, cereals, drinks, everything you need! 🙂

The grocery store inaugurate its store this Saturday, August 31!
Feel free to stop by to discover and taste these fresh products from OUR countryside! 😉



Furnishings that can be personalised, glasses that eat themselves; amusing, entrancing jewellery or a beer called Ginette.

Although Brussels and Liège are well-placed for Christmas markets (which have proven) as the best in the world, you’re sure to find wonderful gifts at some of the country’s creator and designer shops!

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