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Take out your costumes, it’s carnival season in Wallonia!

The province of Liège is a destination of traditions and folklore recognized as Unesco World Heritage. It hosts numerous carnivals and laetare annually on its territory. During the period from February to April, enjoy with family or friends the magical moments where floats, confetti, colorful costumes and other grimages mix. Discover the Cwarmé de Malmedy, Blancs Moussis de Stavelot, Carnaval du nord as well as the Prince Carnaval and Rosenmontag des Cantons de l’Est .

Will you join us? The invitation is issued 😉

End of carnivals… Beginning of the Spring !

It is on this sunny weekend that the last carnivals will take place in the region of Liège !
All weekend, we celebrate the Carnival of “Laetare” (which means “Mid-Lent festival”), mainly in Stavelot or Tilff:
In Stavelot, you will be surrounded by the “Blancs Moussis” with long red noses, giants and humorous poster collectors. The procession will end around 9pm with a great fireworks! You can also go to Tilff where the Porais Tilffois (leeks) will be there this year. Join us at 2:00 pm for the departure of the procession!
Have a good weekend !

Spring is Coming!


The carnival’s season has already begun, but you still can see in the streets of Wallonia some beautiful processions which will be highly imaginative to impress you in the rhythm of trumpets and drums. This tradition is about celebrating the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

This Saturday, it happens in Liege at 1:30 pm. It’s a must see and a must live. The beginning of the procession will take place at Place Vivegnis. Throughout the procession, you can enjoy some waffles or a show of marionettes. Whatever how old are you or what you like, you will be pleased. And the final is around a great fire to warm you up !

It does not matter where you are from, or if it is cold, windy or raining, just go outside and enjoy this moment.


Now I know this might come as a bit of a shock… but we don’t just make Frites!

Croustillons are little sweet fritters, which, together with cotton candy and tofee apples, play a prominent feature in any belgian fairground.  Fairly easy to make, they can be made with or without lager: the choice is all yours!