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We’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to finally bring this great idea to Liège!

Laundromat-café or café-laundromat, whatever you prefer, at Barmanne, they serve delicious cappuccinos or small homemade dishes, local and seasonal, while your laundry is running (or not!).

Doing your laundry has never been so pleasant! The friendly atmosphere, the pretty decoration and the kindness of the staff have everything to make you want to stay… and come back, with or without a laundry basket!


“Good people drink good beer” at la Cité de la bière 2019 !

From 12 to 14 april 2019, you enjoy « La Cite de la Bière » at Musée de la Vie Wallonne, an annual beer celebration in Liège !

On the programme :

Degustation, discoveries of local but also foreign breweries, “zythologie” initiation ( brewery’s studies), dj set and a lot of other activities.

Make a mental picture of it : the sun, a good handmade beer, some music and a great atmosphere. You don’t need anything else !