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“Jardin Expo 2019” comes up roses !

For its 11th edition, Jardin Expo is coming again this year at Halle des Foires, in Liège ! The program includes gardening, plants, pools and saunas, organic products etc.For those who have green fingers, professionals will give you their tips to help you grow your favorite plants ! Also, if you are interested in green energies, conferences on the subject will be held.Good deal alert : you can have 50% off just here.

Let’s go green, shall we ?


The Grain d’Orge brewery not only serves wonderful beers but also lets you make your own!

Offering light ale, brown and amber-coloured beers, they brew something to suit all tastes. And if nothing takes your fancy, you can visit the brewery and create your own Belgian beer, by choosing its characteristics, name and label. We are also friendly with the producers of the tried and tested “La Pierreuse” beer, which you can sample when you are passing our way!



There are more than 100 Repair Cafés in Belgium!

Émilie and Sophie are part of the driving force behind this voluntary concept whose aim is to “repair together, free of charge, instead of throwing away”.
Amateur and professional repairers meet regularly to lend “a neighbourly hand” to anyone who brings along something that is worn, torn or broken.
It’s a great way to repair and learn how to repair worn clothes and broken hairdryers, computers and telephones, and solve other technology-related problems. Or you can just come along and enjoy a drink with your neighbours!

For more information, venues and dates, go to: www.repaircafe.be/fr