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The apartment “Chemin des Cèdres” is back to ZE Agency’s school !

Here we are: streets are filled with crowd, the weather is like autumn is there already, and we are all back to school.


Also here, we have changes, a new apartment entered ZE Agency: Le Chemin des Cèdres. This house has been decorated by a local artist, has 3 chillin’ rooms, a large garage and a terrace to enjoy the last rays of sunshine (if there is any!).


We have to say that for the moment he passes all his examinations:
In geography? It hangs on the hillside of Cointe, a really appreciated neighborhood. You can dive into your sofa and have the view of the green space while being only a few minutes from the city.
And in geometry? Again it is not the last of the class since it offers a large and modern livingroom opened on the kitchen at the first floor, and a large second floor where you will find the bedrooms.


So if you want to be a good student, do not hesitate to have a look at it !

Let’s back to work, but with a big smile! 

Here is a new arrival … The little brother of the Lambert Lebegue !

These apartments are in the same building, ideal for hosting your family.
Composed of a bedroom and a large living room, the Lambert Lebegue 1 can accommodate 4 people and the Lambert Lebegue 3, 2 people.
Both tastefully decorated and also very well located, only 5-10 minutes walk from the city center ! There is also the train station Jonfosse a few steps away …

Perfect for traveling and walking!


An online supermarket to buy what is good, local and in season!

To buy the tastiest, most genuine eggs, fruit, vegetables and other foods, knowing exactly where they come from, “La Ruche Qui Dit Oui” (French for “The Food Assembly – Yes To Local”) is now available in many places. We are telling you this because the team has just spent the winter boosting its systems with healthy, completely local products. Everybody is looking GREAT 🙂

Simply register here to order your vitamin-packed products, to be collected from your nearest “farm” at a weekly meeting scheduled by the producers themselves.

Are you under 30? Don’t miss the “Bon Plan C.U. au Théâtre de Liège” this Saturday night

image bon plan C.U. Théatre de Liège

If you are under 30 and don’t want spend your Saturday evening in your liege apartment or in your liege hotel, “Les Bons Plans C.U. au Théâtre de Liège” is ZE good deal !

The idea is very simple, for only 7 euros, you’ll have: 1 drink + 1 theatre play + 1 live concert + 1 dj set !

This Saturday (February, the 28th ), at the Théâtre de Liège, the program is the following:

Aperitif: 7 pm (1 free drink)

Concert: 7.15 pm Theo Clark (SCO)

Theatre Play: 8 pm “Hasta la Vista Omayra” (Jeanne Dandoy) or “Gagner et perdre / Beckett” (Samuel – Beckett / Isabelle Gyselinx)

– Concert : 10 pm Theo Clark (SCO)

– Dj set : 11pm Mokele dj set

 We’ll be there for sure! And you?

H&M HOME now in Liège!

photo H&M Home

Good news for all deco-lovers: Liège has been chosen to be the first city in Belgium to host a H&M HOME corner!

So, if you’re planning a shopping break in the city of Liège this weekend, we recommend you a tour in the first floor of the H&M store situated at the Ilot Saint Michel (Saint-Lambert square). You’ll discover there a large space entirely dedicated to decoration. Good point: the accessories are beautiful (Scandinavian inspiration!) and not too pricy!

In conclusion, a little “folie” there will make yourliege accommodation cozier and won’t hurt your wallet!



Non Peut-être” is the ideal Facebook page of the moment to find out what you want to know, and find what you want to find in Brussels!

Here’s a friend who really means well: every day, the page provides us with crucial information on the Capital. With this friend, you’ll know Brussels like the back of your hand:

Five cobblers, five places to get a bowl of soup, five things to do at weekends, five golf or crazy-golf clubs, five everyday expressions, five shops in the district of Louise, etc.