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It’s official — it’s our favourite beer!

And not because it’s from Liège! It’s a special beer, a pale ale (it exists in brown and amber, but we prefer it pale) which is ideal because it’s tasty and light. We haven’t taken advanced training in zythology, but our main argument is that we’ve already tasted quite a lot of beer (hic) and this is the one we prefer. We’re talking about it here because we’ve had it at all our drinks parties, barbecues and games nights this year (errrrr, we’re planning a mineral water tour next month)!

It’s on sale at our new favourite neighbour’s (and elsewhere): “Pied-à-Terre”, rue Saint-Rémy.


The new place to be in Liège for those of us who love coffee and good vibes!

Fanny and Céline do everything to make their customers feel at home. It’s here where we enjoy our morning cofee and breakfast, it’s here where we indulge in brunch ( the sunday pancakes whilst looking over thr river Meuse and the famous ‘Batte‘ market are marvellous), and it’s here where we soack up the last rays of sun on a summers day whilst sipping an aperatif, made from the best local products of the season.

In short, we go there all the time and we always leave happy because it’s good, its fresh, and above all, it’s made with love. More details and moutwatering photos here and here.



Enjoy a short Belgian-Japanese taster break…

Maxime will take good care of us (and of our waistlines. But watch out: starving ogres and yetis can be greedy!), our morale and our taste-buds, welcoming us to her cosy, friendly retreat at brunchtime or lunchtime to serve up a Bento – always delicious, fresh and innovative!

Info and bookings: click here.