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We loved and would recommend Catherine Nutrition’s healthy cooking workshops!

We now have plenty of ideas for savoury or “sweet-without-sugar” breakfasts, vitamin lunches and snacks for the little ones or for ourselves at work with recipes and tips that make life easier. We felt like we were spending our Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings with a great friend who lets everyone taste their concoctions.

Go (here) to say hello to her from us.


This is how to impress everyone at breakfast in a jiffy!

Make your spreads yourself! One with speculoos biscuits (you need speculoos, unsweetened concentrated milk, honey, cinnamon and a pinch of salt) and one with chocolate (you need chocolate, butter and sweetened concentrated milk)! That’s all! Success guaranteed.


The famous Food Truck Festival also called “FADA” is back in Liege until Sunday at “Parc d’Avroy!


TO BE CONSUMED: About thirty food trucks that offer a multitude of choices:

– The classic hotdogs and hamburgers,
– Homemade ice cream and sorbets,
– Jars of jams made with passion and love,
– Cocktails to refresh yourself: gin tonic, spritz, mojitos..,
– Paella and fried squid to escape for a moment to Spain,
– Grilled meats,
– And many more ! 🙂

TO LISTEN: Do you want to dance? Local DJs mix in the park throughout the day! 🙂

TO WATCH: Films are screened in the open air to the delight of young and old alike. Sitting on the grass, on straw bales or on wooden stools, it’s up to you! 🙂


A relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed! 🙂


DISCOVERY: “Apéro sur Meuse”

Want to admire the sunset by the water?
It is now possible thanks to “Apéro Bord sur Meuse“!

Whether you are with friends or family, this barge moored on the Van Beneden wharf will capsize you this summer!

On the menu: cocktails, good wines, delicatessen or cheese dishes and many more.
And it’s de-li-ci-ous!

Go and discover this unusual place and enjoy this “holiday” atmosphere, you will not be disappointed! 😉


A month full of mulled wine has begun!!

(Photo : Roland Dumoulin)


This week is packed with arrivals of our frequent (and new!) tenants that came exclusively for the Christmas market!! They are all excited for the opening which takes place TODAY!!! We can barely await to stroll around their huts while drinking a glass of mulled wine to get warm and to eat all the delicious Christmas specialties.

The Christmas market in Liège, existing for 31 years already, is the most important one in Belgium due to its size and the atmosphere that is surrounding it. Every year, there are around 200 huts that attract almost 2 million visitors among which you can find more and more visitors from all over the world!

The festivities begin TODAY. Don’t miss it because on top of all, Liège was elected the European Christmas City!!!

In Liège, the 15th of August is celebrated in Outremeuse !


The whole team of Ze Agency is looking forward to celebrating the Sainte-Marie throughout the weekend in the area Outremeuse in Liège ! This is THE great opportunity to meet local night owls and to taste the pékèt, local drink ! Lots of activities during 4 days; flea market, puppet shows, folk dances, procession, outdoor ceremony with the sermons in Walloon (during which we bury a ham bone), campes firing and giants’ procession.

The weekend is going to be amazing and full (like our glasses!)

Hope to see you there !



The new place to be in Liège for those of us who love coffee and good vibes!

Fanny and Céline do everything to make their customers feel at home. It’s here where we enjoy our morning cofee and breakfast, it’s here where we indulge in brunch ( the sunday pancakes whilst looking over thr river Meuse and the famous ‘Batte‘ market are marvellous), and it’s here where we soack up the last rays of sun on a summers day whilst sipping an aperatif, made from the best local products of the season.

In short, we go there all the time and we always leave happy because it’s good, its fresh, and above all, it’s made with love. More details and moutwatering photos here and here.



Furnishings that can be personalised, glasses that eat themselves; amusing, entrancing jewellery or a beer called Ginette.

Although Brussels and Liège are well-placed for Christmas markets (which have proven) as the best in the world, you’re sure to find wonderful gifts at some of the country’s creator and designer shops!

Don’t miss:
A choice of 6 Brussels Pop Stores where you can buy unique, original products and, in Liège, Wattitude, the absolute must for Walloon Food, Fashion & Design.



Enjoy a short Belgian-Japanese taster break…

Maxime will take good care of us (and of our waistlines. But watch out: starving ogres and yetis can be greedy!), our morale and our taste-buds, welcoming us to her cosy, friendly retreat at brunchtime or lunchtime to serve up a Bento – always delicious, fresh and innovative!

Info and bookings: click here.