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A month full of mulled wine has begun!!

(Photo : Roland Dumoulin)


This week is packed with arrivals of our frequent (and new!) tenants that came exclusively for the Christmas market!! They are all excited for the opening which takes place TODAY!!! We can barely await to stroll around their huts while drinking a glass of mulled wine to get warm and to eat all the delicious Christmas specialties.

The Christmas market in Liège, existing for 31 years already, is the most important one in Belgium due to its size and the atmosphere that is surrounding it. Every year, there are around 200 huts that attract almost 2 million visitors among which you can find more and more visitors from all over the world!

The festivities begin TODAY. Don’t miss it because on top of all, Liège was elected the European Christmas City!!!



Cougnous, also known as “Little angels” or “Bread of Jesus” because they are shaped like the infant Jesus in his swaddling clothes, have been flying off the shelves of Belgian bakeries like hotcakes throughout December.

Everyone knows real, traditional Cougnous, as they look like tiny golden angels, glistening with wet icing using caramelised sugar, inlaid with tiny raisins.
You can make them yourself (here): feel free to use more sugar than the recipe suggests;-) or you can buy them ready-made:

In Liège: “Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette!
In Brussels: “Boulangerie de Meulemeester“.