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From the bean to the bar of chocolate: a movement launched several years ago by a number of traditional chocolate craftsmen wishing to return to the roots of their profession and passion. 
One of their creations is the Millésime, produced from start to finish by the same Liège craftsman who opened his workshop to give us a taste. Good to know: the editing team responsible for this newsletter is taking the time to eat an entire bar of chocolate with pieces of grilled almonds. On top of that, the packaging of these bars is so beautiful it is being used as decoration. Meanwhile, as you wait for the next open day, you can buy them in some of our favourite places like Dille & Kamille (in Belgium), Wattitude and Carré Noir (in Liège), and other parts of the world.


Guaranteed to impress the crowd, save money and surprise even the most sceptical !
Melt 150 g of plain chocolate au bain-marie. Beat 120 g of aquafaba (the liquid in a can of chickpeas) to a froth (yes indeed, this replaces the egg white). Carefully add the chocolate and 2 table spoons of vanilla sugar to the aquafaba foam, pour into 6 glasses, chill for at least 20 minutes before serving and surprising your guests!

Put the chickpeas to one side for your hors d’oeuvres, in a hummus with wild garlic or grilled in the oven!

2 chocolate designers from Liège in the Salon du chocolat !

The “Salon du chocolat” will happen this weekend from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 at Palais des Congrès, in Brussels, where talented designers will present their amazing work. Indeed, Millésime Chocolat as well as Carré Noir, two chocolate factories located in Liège, designed some particular dresses, made of chocolate ! Yes, chocolate ! Chocolate makers and stylists joined their forces to conceive them, one of them being the exact same dress as Wonder Woman.

This is a new way to appreciate chocolate and we are sure that you will automatically melt !

Welcome Jenny!

Today we are pleased to welcome Jenny. She comes from Germany and joins our agency as an intern for a whole year as part of her Master program in Liège.

She chose Ze Agency because of the warm-hearted team and to gain her first professional experiences in a small company.

Her two favorite apartments are “Ursulines” for its terrace as well as its slightly rural interior and the new and modern apartments “Clemenceau 1&2” which are in the middle of the city center.

Summer is coming


You’re almost on Holidays (or already for the luckier), but you’re still thinking about your holiday’s destination. Ibiza, New-York City, Paris, Tokyo.. You’ve so much ideas, but did you once think to Brussels?
Belgium’s capital, Chocolate’s capitale, European Capitan, and cosmopolitan capital (you can hear 140 languages during your stay!) …
With all its advantages Brussels has still a reasonable size : so it’s ideal for short but intense holidays!

If you’re still hesitating, these 10 reasons for coming to Brussel will definitively make your decision.
And for your housing’s question, I must confess that the ZeTeam like the Bel Air apartment so much for its affordable price and its terrace (a must have for a good summer!). But you can watch our other apartments and make your own choice.
So see you soon in Brussels!


Yummy yummy yummy : www.galler.com 😛

Eyes firmly closed and mouths opened wide, ready for the assortment of milk chocolate easter eggs available from Galler! But watch out: the crispy pink ones, dark coconut and golden pralines disappear at lightning speed 😉

They just jump right into your bag or caddie from numerous Belgian boutiques and sales points, or at the factory itself, in the outskirts of Liège (where good deals can be had by buying “imperfect products” at a discount price).

Three unusual “fashion eggs” have just come out, tempting you and then sending you back to your childhood. And because we like to imagine you with chocolate coming out of your ears as you enjoy decorating an egg with magnets in the shape of little mouths: why not try to win the collection through our Facebook contest ?!!


Whether they were brought by Easter bunnies or fluffy chicks, bells or ducks – whatever your cultural affinity – egg hunts (hard boiled or chocolate, with or without decoration) are organised pretty much around the globe. And pretty much all over Belgium, too 😉

Those without a garden or who enjoy a bit of healthy competition and chocolate surprises can try these locations around Brussels where public egg hunts are organised!

And to make the hunt even more interesting and even more Belgian: nothing stops you from organising a simultaneous hunt for the adults to participate in, perhaps for special beers instead of chocolate eggs! 😉


Treat yourself…
These are the names of two 2 person studios (the magnificent Caramel and the beautiful Praline with it’s soft centre) and a duplex apartment (the delicious Chocolat). They are situated in a typical 1900’s home, between a chocolaterie (which explains the names of the appartments) and the Grand Place de Bruxelles.

It couldn’t be better situated, don’t you agree!?