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Are you up to have a Coffee with cats?

There are several cat bars in Liège!
The concept: drinking coffee or eating treats for lunch while cuddling the cats 🙂.
The idea is of Japanese origin and the first one in Liege opened in 2018. The best known (and closest to our office) is the Merlix, Rue des Clarisses, right next to the Clarisses and Blink apartments. A Must-Do for all lovers of little hairballs!

The BeerLovers’ Café & Shop: Ali Baba’s Cavern of Beer!


A bar on the left, a shop on the right, a double place-to-be both typical and atypical, the lovers of special beers now have their Ali Baba’s cavern in the centre of Liège, rue de la Violette!

The bar area propose more than 250 beers at tasting, but it’s in the shop that we open our eyes larger than a Leffe glass, in front of all these little treasures put in bottle and served by passionate people, who can talk about their beers for hours! Thanks to their sound advices they will help you to find YOUR perfect beer…


Information and booking here.