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Ze Agency, one and only one mission since 2009!

We offer you great accommodations and what you see is what you get! We make your stay unique and perfect sharing with you everything that we love, from our hot spots to our favorite amusements in Belgium. We want you to feel “at home and consider our country as your country.

Ze Agency is a young, dynamic and creative society.

Ze Agency is also a big community with 10 sharing values:

  1. To satisfy our representatives by first respecting ourselves
  2. To communicate often, the most honestly and hastily possible
  3. To share, exchange
  4. To take our responsibilities
  5. To be effective
  6. To be helpful
  7. To be reliable
  8. To stay humble
  9. To learn, every day
  10. To work in a nice environment


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Ze Agency, Where is it?

In your home, in Brussels and in Liege.