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Do you LOVE beer? Don’t miss the event of the week, the famous “Hoppy Days”!
An entire weekend to discover and taste a hundred Belgian and foreign beers in an great atmosphere!
Concerts, DJ’s, entertainment and especially good beer! In short, enough to have a great time! 😊
You can find more information on the official website of the festival. 😉


Now that autumn is here, we are waiting for the Christmas Village of Liège! Looking forward to discovering (or rediscovering) Walloon and French handicrafts, admiring Christmas decorations, finding gift ideas and of course… to eat a lot of good things! 🙂

Whether you are an exhibitor or simply looking for accommodation for a few days, ZE Agency offers you several accommodations close to the market! 🙂

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find you the cozy little nest that suits you best! 😉


We knew they were great. We spotted their wonderful and lively personalities and their passion for good things. And, hey presto, the time has come! They have just opened a wine bar!!
We strongly recommend this spot, where you will receive a warm welcome, good advice, great service… In short, it’s all good.
Cherry on the cake (or rather apartment on the wine bar), Rue de la Goffe 1 and Rue de la Goffe 2 are situated just above!
Find them on Facebook and Rue de la Goffe.


An app that will get you addicted to products without additives!
Once downloaded you can use it for a surprising analysis of everything in your fridge, bathroom, laundry room, etc.! The app provides a complete report of the product scanned and offers some more healthy alternatives, containing less fat, less sugar and fewer chemicals. 3 of us in the team have already downloaded the app and have each investigated our entire home!


Guaranteed to impress the crowd, save money and surprise even the most sceptical !
Melt 150 g of plain chocolate au bain-marie. Beat 120 g of aquafaba (the liquid in a can of chickpeas) to a froth (yes indeed, this replaces the egg white). Carefully add the chocolate and 2 table spoons of vanilla sugar to the aquafaba foam, pour into 6 glasses, chill for at least 20 minutes before serving and surprising your guests!

Put the chickpeas to one side for your hors d’oeuvres, in a hummus with wild garlic or grilled in the oven!

“Good people drink good beer” at la Cité de la bière 2019 !

From 12 to 14 april 2019, you enjoy « La Cite de la Bière » at Musée de la Vie Wallonne, an annual beer celebration in Liège !

On the programme :

Degustation, discoveries of local but also foreign breweries, “zythologie” initiation ( brewery’s studies), dj set and a lot of other activities.

Make a mental picture of it : the sun, a good handmade beer, some music and a great atmosphere. You don’t need anything else !

Heads in the clouds with Clary Penthouse !

A new apartment is joining Ze agency’s community. Thanks to its 2 patios, this very bright apartment is composed by a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. Everything that you need to feel at home. Located at the 10th, you can enjoy an amazing view on Liège and la Meuse. Wanna go shopping ? It’s fortunate because the apartment is near a shopping area, including “Médiacité” and others shops !  

Don’t be late for tea late !

Tea Late is for us one of the most original and unusual place to eat in Liège for food lovers. Located in Rue des Carmes, this is the perfect place to take a break. In fact, you will be transposed in the Alice in wonderland’s univers. The team is very nice and they will introduce you to sweets and savoury dishes  in an enchanting world thanks to the decoration. Tested and approved by the team, do not hesitate anymore ! 


Gain in height with Ursulines !

Today, we are going to talk about one of our favorite apartment : Ursulines. Relatively close by the center of the city, this apartment all furnished is overlooking the city. In fact, it is located at the bottom of Bueren’s stairs ! Thanks to its little balcony, you can enjoy both beautiful sunny spells and the view. Equipped with a bathroom and one bedroom, this apartment is like a little chalet, that you can enjoy alone or in duo.

Welcome Alisson

Today, we are pleased to welcome Alisson, our new intern!

Straight from the French Riviera, she comes for a 4-months internship in order to complete her first year in International Management’s master degree at IPAG Business School.

Eager to discover new cultures, she chose Ze Agency for its dynamic team and diversity.

She appreciates the decoration in our apartments especially the warm colors in Li Torè 3 and the design in Bois l’évêque.