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The famous Food Truck Festival also called “FADA” is back in Liege until Sunday at “Parc d’Avroy!


TO BE CONSUMED: About thirty food trucks that offer a multitude of choices:

– The classic hotdogs and hamburgers,
– Homemade ice cream and sorbets,
– Jars of jams made with passion and love,
– Cocktails to refresh yourself: gin tonic, spritz, mojitos..,
– Paella and fried squid to escape for a moment to Spain,
– Grilled meats,
– And many more ! 🙂

TO LISTEN: Do you want to dance? Local DJs mix in the park throughout the day! 🙂

TO WATCH: Films are screened in the open air to the delight of young and old alike. Sitting on the grass, on straw bales or on wooden stools, it’s up to you! 🙂


A relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed! 🙂


DISCOVERY: “Apéro sur Meuse”

Want to admire the sunset by the water?
It is now possible thanks to “Apéro Bord sur Meuse“!

Whether you are with friends or family, this barge moored on the Van Beneden wharf will capsize you this summer!

On the menu: cocktails, good wines, delicatessen or cheese dishes and many more.
And it’s de-li-ci-ous!

Go and discover this unusual place and enjoy this “holiday” atmosphere, you will not be disappointed! 😉


Mask off !

You can discover at La Cité Miroir the exposition Masque until the 20th July. More than 80 masks are presented, coming from every part of the world. Immerge yourself in this mystic universe thanks to these masks filled with history and meaning. In addition : you can have a wonderful cocktail inside the Cité Miroir itself ! More infos just here.

Summer Beer Festival 2019 : cheers !

Festivals season has started in Liege, and why not highlight Liege’s best heritage : beer ! From 6th June to 10th June, you can enjoy the Summer Beer Festival at place Tivoli, near Place Saint Lambert. Take advantage of the Pentecost holiday to test around thirty handmade beers. Several funny activities are planned such as Beer yoga or blind degustation. Open to every beer’s lovers !


Two adorable spots to catch some sun: the roofs of the Clary Penthouse and the Penthouse!
Look down on the city and the river Meuse with your evening Gin & Tonic (nothing to do with it, but have you heard about Liège Gin?) It’s available at Wattitude, Rue Souverain Pont) or from your morning café.  “Get what you deserve”, is our motto! And if these roof terraces are too high for you, go down and enjoy the recent renovation of “Cathedral”!

For further information on our houses and apartments in Brussels and Liège:


We knew they were great. We spotted their wonderful and lively personalities and their passion for good things. And, hey presto, the time has come! They have just opened a wine bar!!
We strongly recommend this spot, where you will receive a warm welcome, good advice, great service… In short, it’s all good.
Cherry on the cake (or rather apartment on the wine bar), Rue de la Goffe 1 and Rue de la Goffe 2 are situated just above!
Find them on Facebook and Rue de la Goffe.


From the bean to the bar of chocolate: a movement launched several years ago by a number of traditional chocolate craftsmen wishing to return to the roots of their profession and passion. 
One of their creations is the Millésime, produced from start to finish by the same Liège craftsman who opened his workshop to give us a taste. Good to know: the editing team responsible for this newsletter is taking the time to eat an entire bar of chocolate with pieces of grilled almonds. On top of that, the packaging of these bars is so beautiful it is being used as decoration. Meanwhile, as you wait for the next open day, you can buy them in some of our favourite places like Dille & Kamille (in Belgium), Wattitude and Carré Noir (in Liège), and other parts of the world.


We went once, we went again, and we will return!
A perfect moment. A really good and long massage lasting over an hour. We were massaged two at a time, by two efficient and coordinated masseurs. Above all, we recommend that you go with your partner or a very close friend and that you return directly to your couch and slippers afterwards.

See their site for info, prices and contact and find them at Avenue de l’Observatoire 2, 4000 Liège !


Eat me, drink me, take it all away (but above all be sure to reserve)!
A new address in Liège with some mad decoration, where Alice takes us into her marvellous world, where the tables are upside down, the books are made out of material and read themselves on cushions or on a swing suspended between porcelain cups, as they wait for some English tea, brunch or lunch with a white rabbit or anyone else as mad as you.

Info and contact: on Facebook or Rue des Carmes, n°10, Liège.