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Are you up to have a Coffee with cats?

There are several cat bars in Liège!
The concept: drinking coffee or eating treats for lunch while cuddling the cats 🙂.
The idea is of Japanese origin and the first one in Liege opened in 2018. The best known (and closest to our office) is the Merlix, Rue des Clarisses, right next to the Clarisses and Blink apartments. A Must-Do for all lovers of little hairballs!


If you want to be on trend this summer and you’re not going to the beach, the city break is as popular as ever!

Even Belgians are taking the opportunity to rediscover their own country! So why not consider Liege in your travel plans? As far as accommodation is concerned, we have exactly what you need: mini-spaces with maxi-style, studios and small apartments are perfect for a solo trip or a romantic weekend. You might fall for “Cactus Vintage“ or “Tango“, or “Les Dominicains” like we did, or for one of the other well-located and beautifully decorated gems! Visit our site to find your perfect place to stay!


If it’s fresh air, greenery and peace and quiet that you’re after, we also have just what you need.

There is no shortage of city walks and hiking trails in Wallonia, and don’t forget about Liège either! Lately, we’ve loved getting lost in the parc de la Chartreuse! With 40 hectares of nature, an incredible history, a fort, surprising buildings and changing landscapes, we’re completely sold and we go there as often as we can. How about you?



Reopening of the hospitality sector + social distancing measures = bar and restaurant terraces that are literally gaining ground…

and we’re pleased to see it! These few additional metres, in some cases are an extra incentive for our already favourite establishments. Like the Cupper Café, which is increasingly spreading out at the foot of the impressive and colourful Saint-Barthélemy Collegiate Church (what a view!). In the heart of the historic centre, away from the hustle and bustle, in the quite pedestrian zone… half in the sun, half shaded, it definitely feels like you’re somewhere else altogether.



What could be better than a good chocolate to console yourself during this period?

Franz Derkenne and his wife Eliane, passionate craftsmen, have been making our palates satisfied for 40 years. Creativity is not lacking with more than fifty different pralines available each day, and some house specialties like the praline with whiskey from Bouillon.

We can even compose personalized pieces according to each season and holidays. Franz is the exclusivity of a range of gourmet, fine and unique products. It is for this reason that we like to offer some to our loyal customers as a special thanks.


Located in a quiet neighborhood a few steps away from the shopping center Belle-ile, Verday Ecosuite is a 95 square meter apartment that is both modern and cosy, ideal for two people.

It is composed of a spacious bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, a semi-fully equipped kitchen and a pellet fireplace in the middle of the living room which will make your stay even warmer.

You also have at your disposal a private garage, as well as a large terrace of 60 square meters facing south to fully enjoy the good weather ☀️


Take out your costumes, it’s carnival season in Wallonia!

The province of Liège is a destination of traditions and folklore recognized as Unesco World Heritage. It hosts numerous carnivals and laetare annually on its territory. During the period from February to April, enjoy with family or friends the magical moments where floats, confetti, colorful costumes and other grimages mix. Discover the Cwarmé de Malmedy, Blancs Moussis de Stavelot, Carnaval du nord as well as the Prince Carnaval and Rosenmontag des Cantons de l’Est .

Will you join us? The invitation is issued 😉

Chez Yolande: 360° view over the countryside!

Located 20 minutes from Liège city center, in the heart of Nadrin village, Chez Yolande is ideal for greenery lovers. It has two bedrooms and a well-equipped kitchen open to the living room, It can accommodate up to 4 people. Not to mention its decor, which is a beautiful mixture of an old and contemporary furniture.

Lots of small shops are nearby, as well as a nice little concert hall (Deux Ours).

You won’t be bored! 😉


Do you prefer the city or the country? 

With our two newbies at the beginning of the year, the choice is yours! City dwellers should fall in love with “Nagelmackers 5”, a beautiful penthouse with sleek and trendy decoration that makes it look like a New York loft.

Outdoor lovers who enjoy some peace and quiet will undoubtedly appreciate “Chez Yolande”, located in Nandrin (20 minutes from the centre of Liège) and its majestic countryside views! Can we have both?

– Nagelmackers 5
– Chez Yolande


Let’s face it, the love of Belgians for craft beers is not new and it’s not going to fade away anytime soon!

Microbreweries have continued to flourish all over Belgium in recent years. This is also the case in Manhay, in the Ardennes, where the Oster brewery caught our attention and its 7.2% blonde seduced our taste buds. Creamy and tasty, with a very reasonable bitterness and a pleasant cereal flavour. It even has a slight hint of cardamom!

Also, don’t hesitate to enter the Brasserie d’Oster, it’s a nice place to stop and taste the creations of the house and grab a bite to eat!