Monthly Archives: September 2020

Are you up to have a Coffee with cats?

There are several cat bars in Liège!
The concept: drinking coffee or eating treats for lunch while cuddling the cats 🙂.
The idea is of Japanese origin and the first one in Liege opened in 2018. The best known (and closest to our office) is the Merlix, Rue des Clarisses, right next to the Clarisses and Blink apartments. A Must-Do for all lovers of little hairballs!

Welcome Vera !

A big welcome to Vera who joined our team since September 1st!

In her 3rd year of International Tourism at the Hochschule Harz University in Germany, she chose ZE Agency for a 3 month internship. What attracted her to us? The diversity of the tasks, the closeness to others, the desire to improve her French, and the culture of Liège that she is eager to discover.

She already has a crush on Clarisse 2, which reminds her of her first studio, small but comfortable and very cosy.

We wish Vera a warm welcome!