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“Les Ardentes” festival

Like every year and without exception, since 12 years, the city of Liège welcomes more than 75 000 persons for the festival “LES ARDENTES”.

This event is held at Liège, in the Astrid park by the border of the Meuse river and this year, it will be from thursday 5th to sunday 8th of july !

Once again, this festival will welcome lots of well-known singer from all around the world such as Migos, Lil Pump, Wiz Khalifa, Niska, Damso, and more for this beautiful line up that will satisfy every musical genre rock, pop, rap, electro and more ! As you can see, since a few years, a hip-hop trend is getting around Les Ardentes with well-known international artists.

Victim of its own success, the pass for 4 days at the price of 125 € is already sold out but don’t worry, you can always buy night pass at 60 euros ! (Free entrance for children under 12).

We are excited to be there, to spend some time with friends, with a good belgium beer ! See you there !


Carbonade flamande is a Belgian cousin of beef bourguignon.

The pieces of beef are stewed in beer instead of wine and the sauce has Nordic touches: gingerbread, brown sugar and/or Liège syrup, served with the essential chips in beef fat. You can also add a small side salad to give this dish a summer feel…

We recommend you choose a recipe with gingerbread in the ingredients, such as this one .


When the week ahead will be busy and you won’t have time to cook…

To resist the easy option of “junk food at home” we love the Pack’n’Joy detox packs delivered twice a week to a collection point. The menus are inventive, varied and deliciously good for your shape, health and mood…
If they weren’t so expensive we’d be eating these menus morning, noon and night!


This small café has doubled in size in no time at all!

Run by brothers and sisters who really know their coffee, The Darius has soon become the place for team breakfasts and snacks. The coffees are served with pastries that couldn’t get any naughtier: brownie-cookies, cupcakes with an oozing salty butter caramel centre, cakes with as much icing as cake, pancake towers and maple syrup fountains…

*If you are good and pay attention, a little competition with the delicious smell of ground coffee could appear on our Facebook page in the next couple of days…*


We have found the place-to-be for geeks and all those who love games, technology news or simply new experiences between friends or colleagues or as a family!

The location and the headset are worth going out of your way for. You’ll say so as soon as you have a go, in a box where you try out the different possibilities of virtual reality alone, so you can get used to it and get a feel for the atmosphere. You would be happy with just this test phase but then you dive into a building full of virtual zombies with a group mission to accomplish. It’s fun and exciting and everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime!

Info and booking here (note: it’s better to book 2 months in advance and then get confirmation from your team mates!)


It’s been a while since you went, hasn’t it?

We don’t know about you, but we hate the smell of popcorn, nachos and chocolate, the noise and the selection of badly dubbed films in big cinema theatres.
So, we recommend you take a trip to the oldest cinema in Brussels – “Le Palace” – recently renovated and reopened under the management of Luc Dardenne in the pedestrian district.
If it’s nice weather, a summer Saturday, and you’re in Liège, head straight to see a cult film or brand new release in the open air Cinéma Sauvenière (if it’s raining and you’re unprepared: order drinks on a tray and shelter under the tray).


Not only are her photos sublime, she offers courses for non-photographers like us.

Fiancés, married couples and those who love love and pretty things are all desperate for a space in her diary. We have tested her workshops and we recommend them.

In a really friendly atmosphere, Jehanne Moll teaches you how to use your smartphone and social networks to take and post beautiful photos with the right filter, the right size, the right frame, giving all the tips that can make our lives easier – or even change them – as amateur photographers.


Casquette 1, 2, 3 or 4 are the ideal pads for shopping addicts, night owls or those who like to be where it’s at and do everything on foot.

Located right in the town centre and renovated and decorated in 2018 by Véronique, 4 one-room studios are ready to welcome you in one of the new pedestrian districts in Liège, rue de la Casquette.

For more info and apartments: