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The bells of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Liège do not ring like any others!

Starting in the spring, the skilled carilloneur surprises those listening by playing well-known tunes (Édith Piaf, Star Wars, New York New York, etc.), revisited in the unique sound of the 49 bells of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, every Wednesday at noon. If you take the Saint-Rémy 1 or Saint-Rémy 2, you’ll be sure to hear it.


Yummy yummy yummy : 😛

Eyes firmly closed and mouths opened wide, ready for the assortment of milk chocolate easter eggs available from Galler! But watch out: the crispy pink ones, dark coconut and golden pralines disappear at lightning speed 😉

They just jump right into your bag or caddie from numerous Belgian boutiques and sales points, or at the factory itself, in the outskirts of Liège (where good deals can be had by buying “imperfect products” at a discount price).

Three unusual “fashion eggs” have just come out, tempting you and then sending you back to your childhood. And because we like to imagine you with chocolate coming out of your ears as you enjoy decorating an egg with magnets in the shape of little mouths: why not try to win the collection through our Facebook contest ?!!


“Monthly morning meetings for compulsive creators”!

CreativeMornings are meetings organised free of charge by cities (or other large towns). The overall concept is ideal for those seeking to awaken the spirit in the hope that the body may follow suit. We go regularly, before heading out to work, to find out new things, meeting enthusiasts in a café to fill our minds with ideas to be shared on our Facebook page, website or in our newsletters.

For Liège, click here, and for Brussels click there!


Whether they were brought by Easter bunnies or fluffy chicks, bells or ducks – whatever your cultural affinity – egg hunts (hard boiled or chocolate, with or without decoration) are organised pretty much around the globe. And pretty much all over Belgium, too 😉

Those without a garden or who enjoy a bit of healthy competition and chocolate surprises can try these locations around Brussels where public egg hunts are organised!

And to make the hunt even more interesting and even more Belgian: nothing stops you from organising a simultaneous hunt for the adults to participate in, perhaps for special beers instead of chocolate eggs! 😉


A typical Liège location, rustic, authentic and unusual!

The menu, as the name (literally French for Fried Egg) suggests, consists primarily of eggs, in all shapes and forms: fried, fricassee, omelettes, Russian style, and many more besides. It is worth visiting for the pleasure of dining at the must-see Sunday market of Batte or simply to lower the average age of l’Oeuf au Plat customers… 😉

Info, photos, virtual tour and bookings: ici.


An online supermarket to buy what is good, local and in season!

To buy the tastiest, most genuine eggs, fruit, vegetables and other foods, knowing exactly where they come from, “La Ruche Qui Dit Oui” (French for “The Food Assembly – Yes To Local”) is now available in many places. We are telling you this because the team has just spent the winter boosting its systems with healthy, completely local products. Everybody is looking GREAT 🙂

Simply register here to order your vitamin-packed products, to be collected from your nearest “farm” at a weekly meeting scheduled by the producers themselves.


A simple yet tasty recipe for white asparagus, which is enjoyed (and grown) mainly in Flanders, from March to June.

And even if you’re not a fan of asparagus, you can still enjoy the topping, which is a mixture of hard boiled eggs, clarified butter and parsley. Just try a little of the asparagus… And then maybe a bit more, because there is still some of the topping left and when you mix the two… well, somehow they’re even tastier together.
One day, you may just find yourself tempted to order “Flemish-style asparagus” as a starter or even main course in a little restaurant in the north of Belgium.

Blonden apartment


Located in a character house close to the Guillemins station, the apartment ‘Blonden’ will delight you with the charm of its bedroom on the mezzanine and its spacious living room with dining room.

While staying in this apartment, you will enjoy the amenities offered by the Guillemins’ district: laundry, bakery (we recommend Eggen-Nols), small shops, supermarkets (Aldi and Carrefour) and restaurants. The kitchen allows you to be more independent and the location of the apartment makes getting around easier: it is 5 minutes away from the station, less than fifteen minutes’ walk from the very heart of the city and numerous bus lines connect the district to the areas of interest of the city and the periphery.

For relaxing days, the ‘Parc d’Avroy’ and the ‘Parc de la Boverie’ with its beautiful green areas are nearby. If you prefer to stay indoors, you should know that the apartment has a bathtub!

Museum Night Fever is Back !!!!!

Museum Night Fever

It is back. Ze night. The one who will please partiers and the people who just want to live a museum visit in the night. This Saturday, the ninth edition of the Museum Night fever will take place in Brussels: more than 20 museums open at 7pm until 1am and at 10 euros! History, Music or comics and cars, you will find what you were looking for. And , in the end, for the bravest of you, there is the afterparty for 7 euros at the Bloody Louis. There is no excuse for not going there.