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The team has therefore decided to hold its spring lunch here!

Spacious, bright, well equipped… It was the ideal apartment for ten of us to meet around the table! Aside from our spring lunches, the best sushi and cupcakes in the town can be found a few steps away from the apartment!

Information and reservations for Clarisse 7 may be found here.


If you can’t pronounce this name, don’t worry, it is pronounced “Fiston”!

If you have yet to notice the omnipresent Street Art in Brussels, here is a wonderful example of the huge posters that can be found on street corners, covering the walls of abandoned buildings, depicting fat men drawn with Bic markers and Tipp-Ex correction fluid. Fiston is not only gifted, but is also the much-loved cousin (as you all know) of Emilie and Sophie (and yes, they are proud of him)!

For the family: go this way!
For other Street Artists, go that way!


Every year, in July, you can’t help but fall in love with Ghent. Or fall in love in Ghent…

For 10 days, the entire town will be decorated with fairy lights and the most attractive façades will be treated to spectacular colour illuminations: so learn to use the flash on your camera before coming… Alternatively, just ignore such technicalities and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of small concerts and dances to be heard here and there, in the open air, on the water, in the streets, on the grass or in other, sometimes lesser-known locations chosen for the occasion.

Practical information may be found here.


On the heels of the “Brussels 20km”, the 10km Brussels Urban Trail is due to take place on July 5!

A little more manageable, more accessible, and certainly less daunting… Anyone who feels reluctant or out of practice can even follow an individual training programme, available to all participants. And even stragglers can simply enjoy the historical and cultural sights of Brussels from the vantage point of the chosen route.
An ideal opportunity to take up jogging if you have never done it before!


A good place to eat and a good news!
The little Italian restaurant below the three apartments, Louise 1, Louise 2 and Louise 3, serves up delicious fare! And according to customers’ on-line reviews, the restaurant is capturing the hearts and taste buds of the inhabitants of Brussels. We share their views, with one important difference: we are lucky enough to have the luxury and convenience of being based in the same building (how classy!)!


The Grain d’Orge brewery not only serves wonderful beers but also lets you make your own!

Offering light ale, brown and amber-coloured beers, they brew something to suit all tastes. And if nothing takes your fancy, you can visit the brewery and create your own Belgian beer, by choosing its characteristics, name and label. We are also friendly with the producers of the tried and tested “La Pierreuse” beer, which you can sample when you are passing our way!


This is the Walloon recipe of the moment, given the risk that traditional Herve cheese, a local product with a distinctive smell (it stinks!) and flavour (it’s strong!), could disappear.

To try it: place a square of Herve on a lightly toasted slice of bread spread with Sirop de Liège.

You can add a thin slice of apple, or even a few nuts, and put it all in the oven to melt the cheese. This toast can be served with a side salad, just to give the dish a healthier twist for the summer. More recipes may be found here.

Pont des Arches 1 and 2: Two newcomers in Liège !

Our two new apartments Pont des Arches 1 and Pont des Arches 2 are to be discovered, here’s a preview:

pont des arches 1pont des arches 2

The Pont des Arches 1, located on the ground floor, is decorated in a contemporary style. Its easy access by car from the platforms connected to the various highways as well as its location on a dock in the city center will seduce you.

pont des arches 3pont des arches 4

The Pont des Arches 2 located in the same building, on the 6th floor will charm you with its beautiful terrace. This terrace will offer you a magnificent panoramic view over the Meuse.

So go ahead and discover these two neighboring apartments on the docks!

Welcome Victor !

victor yolo


Today Victor made his entrance into the office of the Ze Agency Team. Here for a 3 months internship, the student comes straight from Bordeaux where he is in 2nd year Bachelor in a Business School.

His motivations to postulate in Ze Agency? To integrate a human-sized company.

The apartments he prefers are:

– The Quintuplex Defrance: he likes his side “Vintage with bricks and beams.”

– The Bois L’Evêque: “a bright home that reflects an industrial loft with his iron staircase”

Recently arrived, Victor already appreciates the end of afternoon around a drink Place Cathedrale and also finds that the numerous pigeons in Liege also like sunbathing.