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The Offscreen film Festival in Brussels

Created in Brussels in 2008, by a group of moviegoers, co-produced by few cinémas, like the Bozar, Cinema Nova, Cinematek or Cinema Rits, the Offscreen Festival attracts more and more people every year, and is considered as an alternative but recognized film festival in Brussels. It aims to introduce to the general public, forgotten movies, exclusivities, but also cult films that inspired our current cinema.

This year, one of the event of the festival is the projection of “Her”, which was one of the surprises of 2013, acclaimed by the critics.

Café de la Presse in Brussels

As ZE Team is located in the Avenue Louise area in Brussels, it obviously uses Café de la Presse for some coffee break or cupcake cappuccino lectures by international papers around and about.

This because we feel good in this mix of a New York coffee bar and beauty parlour/Library/Vide-Dressing (depending on the planned events) of a Granny and Press Canteen with the feel of the 30s.

On the other hand, granted, we are never safe from a stressed-out world or a nervous Partner in a bad mood.

You can rent the apartment Louise 1, Louise 2, Louise 3 and Bascule which are just around the corner, they are great aparthotel in brussels!

Info and contact :

Museum Night Fever 2014 in Brussels

During the night of 22 February, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., more than 20 museums in Brussels are organising a special celebratory and musical museum night, thanks to free shuttle services, guided tours provided by students and on-site DJs!
For information, presales and the competition, visit: and for cheap accommodaiton brussels, check here

The Coudenberg underground in Brussels!

Hidden since the 12th century Under the Brussels hill of Coudenberg, this ancient residence of Spanish Emperor Charles the Fifth invites you for games and discoveries !

Various theme visits to these underground vestiges will turn your kids into true archaeologists or real discoverers looking for the Golden Fleece. When you come to visit, you can rent a flat brussels in the center of Brussels city, near all touristic activities.

Info and réservations : here.

Virtual visits to the Théâtre de Liège


Inaugurated in September 2013, in the old structures of l’Emulation, the Théâtre de Liège still exudes the smell of fresh paint and floor polished.

So, just as with any Liège renovation, a new debate started between nostalgics and progressive “avant-gardistes”.

You can make up your own mind by virtually visiting the sites, available on Google Maps or by entering here.


You can also rent liege hotel or liege apartment next to the Théâtre de Liege renting the furnished apartment Clarisses 1, Clarisses 2, Clarisses 3, Clarisses 4, Clarisses 5, Clarisses 6 or Clarisses 7.

The Guillemins’ train station, considered as the third most beautiful station in the world

Mental Floss, a famous American website of informations, has published a ranking of the 100 most beautiful train station in the world.
In the third rank, we find the Liège-Guillemins railway station in Liege, which pulled out of the game thanks to its futurist aspect, and its ark of glass and steel.
Project of the Spanish architect Calatrava, this is the only train station to be in the ranking that has been built recently. It could delight a lot of Liège’s citizens, because it is often considered as an uncomfortable train station due to its wind gusts.
We have many apartments next to the Guillemins train station : The apartment Guillemins Apartment Liege situated rue des Guillemins in Liege, the apartment Calatrava liege accommodation which is situated 1 minute walking from the train station, the B&B Calatrava which is like a bedroom in liege hotel which is a bedroom situated quai de Rome which has a nice view on the train station.


The Opera Royal : A deal between comfort and proximity

Appartement Opéra Royal Liège (25)

At the crossroad of the rue Saint-Adalbert and the rue de la Casquette in liege, where you will appreciate the atmosphere of this liege hotel thanks to its little balcony, the Opera Royal, is a splendid apartment of 80m² with two bedrooms .If you wish a stay in an Apartment Liege of quality, its comfort and decoration will appeal to your expectations. The Opera Royal is such a perfect deal between the proximity with the Liege Life, and the peacefulness like at home.

Liège Waffles vs Brussels Waffles


gaufres_liegeoises1__1_Be careful when talking about Brussels waffles to a person from Liège or vice versa! In order to avoid any local constraints or sensibilities, here are some tips on how to distinguish the real stuff at first sight:

– Yes! This is a Liège waffle: quite small, rather round, spongy and with a crunchy sugar topping turning into caramel in certain places.

– This is the Brussels waffle: large, rectangular, pale and offered with various condiments, going from pure sugar to totally exaggerated extras: fresh cream in all its forms and tastes, from chocolate to whatever.